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Courtney Collins — Empire’s Director of Design — shares her top three stores to shop for vintage decor in Atlanta, GA.

So it’s come time to decorate your home, but what look are you going for? Perhaps you want your home to have more of an industrial feel or you’re gravitating toward a mid-century modern look instead. It doesn’t matter which design style you choose, only that your home is a true reflection of you. And while our expert team of designers will ensure just that, who says that you’re forced to stay within the parameters of that style?


One of the best parts of designing your home is making it your own, and that includes sourcing unique decor pieces for each room. What we love about shopping for vintage items or antiques is that no two items are the same — even if they’re identical in their natural form, they have their own story and soul. “Don’t be afraid to combine antique pieces with more modern interiors,” says Courtney Collins — Empire’s Director of Design. “The juxtaposition between old and new is one of my favorite design techniques — making the decor feel collected, as if it’s been acquired over time.” Here are her top three picks for the best vintage and antique stores in Atlanta, GA.

Located close to the Dekalb Farmers’ Market, Kudzu Antiques is the perfect storefront to visit on the weekend. This family-owned business has been providing vintage pieces and antiques to Atlanta locals for over 35 years, and has been a source for TV, movie and photography rentals as well. It’s been consistently voted “Atlanta’s Best Antique Store” since 1979.

If mid-century modern is the design style you’re trying to achieve, it’s time that you check out Atlanta Used Furniture whose social following has grown to over 70,000 since they launched on Instagram in 2015. Their brick and mortar warehouse in South Atlanta is full of incredibly unique, retro pieces. Although it may be tempting, “don’t feel like you have to fill every wall or space of your home immediately upon moving in,” says Courtney. “Be willing and open to waiting for that special piece to come along.”

“One of my personal favorite stores for treasure hunting is Scott Antique Market,” says Courtney. This indoor and outdoor market makes its way to Atlanta every month on one special weekend, showcasing vintage pieces from every era you can think of. During the summer and fall seasons, Courtney enjoys spending time exploring what Scott Antique Market has to offer, seeing what unique items she can find for Empire’s models or for her own home. In fact, one of her favorite candelabras and bathroom vanities is said to have come from the vendors at Scott’s.


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