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There’s so much that happens in the heart of the city that it almost becomes hard to keep up with the news. It feels like new restaurants are opening up every other day while others close their doors, and even new means of transportation are being introduced too. To help you stay current with all of the new changes, we’re rounding up some of the most important updates on Toronto’s King Street West.

1. Rabbit! Rabbit! Rabbit!

Rabbit! Rabbit! Rabbit! is one of Toronto’s newest restaurants whose name comes from the superstition that if you repeat the word “rabbit” at the beginning of each month, you’ll be blessed with good luck. This Texas-inspired restaurant is a casual hangout spot that serves cold beer on tap, batched cocktails and Southwest-American food. We’re talking nachos, tacos and Mexican corn.

2. Myth

Ever wonder what the food would be like in Greece if you visited? Well, now you don’t have to. Experience the flavours and culture of Mykonos right here in Toronto at the city’s newest Greek Restaurant on King West — Myth. If you’re a Toronto native, you’ve probably been to the location before as it was formally known as Citizen.

3. Vela

Vela is another recent restaurant addition to the city’s downtown core, featuring an industry leading team of culinary chefs, bartenders and servers. The interior is simplistic yet modern, and your dining experience will be nothing but joyful. With a variety of gluten- and dairy-free options, as well as vegan alternatives, there’s sure to be something for everyone to enjoy.


4. Pink Sky

Pink Sky has arrived at Weslodge Saloon’s former location. Focusing on a sea-to-fork experience, the restaurant offers a fresh assortment of oysters, ceviche, crudo and tartare. Inside, their design reflects the vibes of the Eastern Seaboard, complementing their menu offerings perfectly. They offer a Daily Catch Menu to their customers, as well as an assortment of craft cocktails and chilled pints.


1. Weslodge

This popular bar and restaurant in Toronto with a saloon-style atmosphere has closed down and was replaced by a new seafood spot — Pink Sky. Weslodge was known for its craft cocktails and delicious cuisine, and closed down for no other reason than its owners having a new restaurant concept to explore. Weslodge is expected to reopen somewhere else, but there’s no word yet as to where.

2. Labora

Labora used to be a go-to for tapas and other Spanish eats in the city of Toronto, but its brick and mortar location is now closed. It was an award-winning full-service restaurant and bar, offering simple yet rustic Spanish cuisine inspired by Chef Bragagnono’s time in Mallorca, Spain. While their restaurant doors may not be open, they still offer take-out and private catering.

3. Calii Love on King

Calii Love on King, one of Toronto’s original poke restaurants, has closed its well-known flagship location. Their raw fish and acai bowls, sandwiches, salads and wellness lattes were a hit. But that’s not the only thing that attracted Toronto residents to the location — the building was also decked out in a bright aquamarine blue colour with a mural on the side of wings. No visitor ever left without taking advantage of this instagramable moment.

4. The Spoke Club

The Spoke Club was Toronto’s oldest private members-only art clubs, dedicated to bringing like-minded people together to inspire each other and create. It was recognized in Toronto for its unique and aesthetically pleasing space, spanning multiple floors of plush seating, long bars, dining areas, art displays and its rooftop patio. The space is now being renovated and will become a brand-new private member club with robust membership offerings.

King West residents will be happy to hear that Toronto will be getting two new subway portals at one of the city’s most frequented intersections at Bathurst and King. A couple months ago, Metrolink released that they plan to place the portals on the northeast and southeast corners of the intersection so that commuters can easily transfer to the 504 King and 511 Bathurst streetcar lines. Based on initial renderings, the new entrances will be in the vicinity of where two Toronto bars are now — Regulars and The Banknote.


The new King and Bathurst subway stops will help Torontonians move around the city more easily, and will especially help those who live in the area commute to and from work or to the city’s social spaces. There’s no date as to when these new stops will be built and ready for use, but they are part of the Ontario Line that is projected to be completed by 2027.


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Photos courtesy of: Blog T.O. (Rabbit! Rabbit! Rabbit!, Myth, Labora, Calii Love, Bathurst and King Street West); NUVO Magazine (Vela); TRNTO (Pink Sky); Mediate (Weslodge).


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