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At Empire, we believe that your community should be beautiful and well-maintained at all times. After all, it’s your home. But perfectly-manicured lawns, pristine facilities and necessary repairs don’t just happen on their own — they’re the result of the community’s commitment to their neighborhood and their contributions towards HOA fees. Read on to learn more about what HOA fees are and what they help to achieve in our Houston, Austin and San Antonio communities — those we’ve built and those we’ve proudly joined.

Coastal Point in League City, TX.

What are HOA fees?

Homeowner Association Fees (HOA) are the dues paid by each homeowner in the community to cover the maintenance of all common areas and amenities. They’re paid on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis and will range in amount per community, depending on what amenities are available.

Harper’s Preserve in Conroe, TX.

What’s the benefit of being part of an HOA?

The benefit of being part of an HOA is peace of mind knowing that your investment is protected. Not only are HOA’s responsible for maintaining the community’s common areas, but they also work to ensure that each homeowner is following the deed restrictions outlined for each home. In other words, you can rest easy knowing the neighboring homes will be kept up with community standards.

Santa Rita Ranch in Liberty Hill, TX.

What’s included in your HOA fees?

HOA fees will usually cover the cost of accessing the community amenities such as pools, splash pads, fitness centers, clubhouses, fishing lakes, etc. In some communities, lawn maintenance or manned security gate services may be included in your HOA fees. They’re a small cost to not only protect your new investment, but also to protect the new amenity centers that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

Cibolo Canyons in San Antonio, TX.

What to know before you buy?

Before you purchase a new home, our sales representatives will help you determine what the cost of the HOA fees are for the community that you’re interested in, as well as what the payment schedule is like. They’ll tell you what amenities are included, as well as any guidelines the HOA may have in place for both the community and your new home.

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