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Whether or not you’ve arrived at the decision to buy, you’ve probably heard of the term Online Sales Counselor or OSC for short, especially if you’ve been searching for a new home with Empire. For those of you wondering what an Online Sales Counselor is and how they add value to the home journey as a whole, we’re breaking down the questions you want to know most.


When you decide to buy a home with us, you’re choosing a homebuilder with over 28 years of experience who is among the few in the industry that has a team of OSCs. Discover what makes them one of the most valuable home shopping resources we give you access to.

An OSC or Online Sales Counselor is a client’s first point of contact who is knowledgeable about each of Empire’s communities. As a trusted guide, they provide buyers with valuable information and resources so they feel empowered and ready to take the next step in their homebuying journey.

Online Sales Counselors are responsible for answering buyers’ questions and helping them identify their wants and needs. They keep buyers updated on upcoming releases and available inventory, schedule virtual or in-person meetings with our sales teams and ensure they’re confident and educated by the time they attend their purchasing appointment.

Our OSC’s assist buyers by staying connected and in touch, whether it be through text, video, emails, or phone calls. By doing this, they make sure that when an opportunity becomes available in one of our communities, they can reach out to you. They’re responsible for providing you with the information or resources you need, whether it be the names of top schools, places of worship or nearby coffee shops. You can expect them to ask thorough questions to determine what you’re searching for and ensure that the community you’ve set your sights on checks each of the boxes of what you’ve expressed.

By fully understanding buyers’ needs and being available to them, our OSCs make the sales process a seamless experience. Their goal is to build trust and rapport with each buyer so they feel comfortable reaching out for answers to each of their questions. Communication is a strong asset of the entire team and is what they do best. They make sure the on-site sales teams are aware of each client and are provided with detailed information about their home search so the transition to a purchasing appointment is smooth.

1. Who can I contact if I have any questions?

Our Online Sales Counselors, Vanessa and Vicki, are happy to answer any questions you may have. You can reach them via phone at 404-390-2664 or via email at househunt@empirecommunities.com

2. What does VIP membership entail?

As a VIP member, you’ll be the first to receive updates about our communities, floor plans, pricing and more. You can become a VIP member by joining our community interest lists.

3. How can I secure an Empire home?

By joining our community interest lists, you’ll have access to our pre-sale events. You can expect community details to be shared via email, and follow-up messages from our OSCs to arrive in your inbox outlining how to proceed once we have finalized details.

4. How can I have first opportunities to secure a home?

To become a priority member, please respond via email once your OSC reaches out, even if it appears to be an automated email. The more our team knows, the better they’ll be able to assist you when opening opportunities become available. Also, a quick conversation with our OSCs will always place you on our top tier to receive new information as it becomes available.


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