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The fireplace is most commonly the focal point of any living room, which means it will likely grab the attention of any guests you have over. While you want to be happy with the way your fireplace is styled, it can be difficult when you’re working with a relatively narrow space. The key is to keep a few design elements in mind to help guide your process. We’ve rounded up some model home inspiration to show how you can style your fireplace in a variety of different ways. 

Choose to Elevate

One way to create interest on your mantel is to build upward instead of outward. Using taller pieces, like an elongated mirror or a stack of books, will help to make the space feel less cluttered, creating a more refined appearance. In our Vibrant model home at Empire Legacy in Thorold, ON, the fireplace is styled with a tall mirror, a few slim branches and candlesticks, giving a bit of flair to the mantel without being distracting or overpowering. 

The Minimalist Route

As the old saying goes, less is more, and that couldn’t be more true when it comes to decorating. Picking one or two key pieces to display on your mantel could be all that you need to tie a room together. When you’re dealing with a limited space, it might be best to take a minimalist approach to styling your mantel by keeping it simple. The fireplace in our Livingston model home in Hagersville, ON, is styled using a few decorative jars in a neutral colour, complementing those same tones in the rest of the space. 

The Art of Layering

Layering the pieces on your mantel is a trick you can use to create depth where there isn’t much. Strategically placing items in front of each other creates a new layer of interest without the cluttered appearance. Our Wyndfield model in Brantford, ON, styles this simple fireplace by layering a few smaller objects, like bird figurines and clay vases. Then, smaller elements like potted plants are used to frame the clock.

Make Use of Monochrome

Playing with a monochromatic colour palette is an easy way to add a little flair to your fireplace and mantel. Make this area the centre of attention by picking a bold colour to dominate, along with its corresponding hues, or allow it to fade into the background by staying within neutral tones. In our Avalon model home in Caledonia, ON, the mantel and its corresponding decor are varying shades of white and cream, allowing it to seamlessly blend into the wall behind it. 

Contrast is Key

Having variety in the shapes, colours and sizes of the items on your mantel will help keep things interesting. This kind of arrangement will draw your eye across the entire display, creating a lot more visual interest. While scanning the fireplace in our Calderwood model home in Thorold, ON, your eyes might be initially drawn to the oversized mirror — a grand display, creating contrast with its size and colour. You may then start to notice the smaller elements that frame the mirror, including the sculpture and flower. 

Looking for pieces to inspire your fireplace style?. Browse our list of some of the best Canadian home decor retailers while planning your next shopping trip.


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