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Picture this — it’s a Sunday night and you’re in the kitchen meal prepping for the week ahead. Your kitchen island is filled with ingredients needed to create a week’s worth of healthy lunches and your hands are messy from all the chopping and mixing. Wouldn’t it be ideal if you could turn the water on without having to touch your faucet and get it dirty? Enter Moen’s Smart Faucet with Motion Control. Featuring advanced touchless technology, this latest innovation allows you to control temperature and water flow with voice activation or a simple wave of your hand. Trust us — once you introduce this product into your kitchen lineup, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Moen’s patent-pending technology gives homeowners the ability to turn on their faucet and toggle between hot, cold and warm water with a simple swipe of their hand. For homeowners who have grown accustomed to speaking with their Alexa or Google Home, the Smart Faucet can also be controlled through voice activation. Imagine following a recipe, calling out “2 ounces of hot water,” for example, and having that exact measurement and temperature dispensed with one simple command. What’s more is you can create user-customized presets within the Moen Smart Water App and set it for things like “baby bottle” or “dog bowl” for quick and easy access to everyday needs activated by voice commands.

4 Reasons You’ll Want to Switch to a Smart Faucet

Added Convenience and Cleanliness: Reduce the accumulation of germs by never having to physically touch your faucet.

High Style and Design: Moen’s smart faucets come with motion control and are available in four different styles. What does this mean? Only that you’ll never have to sacrifice aesthetics for functionality.

Monitored Water Usage: By using the Smart Water App, you can easily monitor your daily water consumption and make changes to improve your water footprint.

Easy Installation: Each smart faucet comes with a battery-powered control pack, providing easy installation and removing the need for any electrical work or an under-sink outlet.

Just bought a home with Empire and interested in upgrading to a smart faucet? Moen’s products are available at our Design Centre — all you need to do is ask about them during your design appointment. Before you go, explore the newest edition of our Everyday Beautiful Magazine for more inspiration and tips to transform your home.


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