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The charming town of Caledonia is home to some equally charming local boutiques, selling the types of one-off, handmade and unique products that leave people asking ‘where did you buy that?’ To help you on your hunt for hidden gems, we’ve put together our list of the top 6 stores, less than 6 minutes away from our Avalon community in Caledonia.

1. A Day in My Closet – 5 Minute Drive

A Day in My Closet is an upscale consignment boutique where you’ll find a carefully selected display of unique items, including many designer labels finds looking for a good home.

2. Caledonia Bait & Tackle – 6 Minute Drive

Caledonia Bait & Tackle is a family owned and operated business. The one-stop fishing shop offers a wide range of quality live bait and a robust tackle selection. It’s definitely a must-stop for all you outdoor types heading toward the Grand River.

3. Caledonia Furniture Finds – 6 Minute Drive

Caledonia Furniture Finds provides vintage furniture and home decor finds at reasonable prices. A must stop when furnishing your new home.

4. Cats n’ Dogs Café – 5 Minute Drive

Cats n’ Dogs Café specializes in natural, Canadian Made holistic and organic food for cats and dogs at reasonable prices. They also carry a wide selection of health supplements and remedies for the well-being of your pet.

5. Kayware Event Design & Décor – 6 Minute Drive

Kayware offers a huge range of products including basic and specialty table and chair coverings in over 50 colours and full event décor.

6. Haldimand House – 5 Minute Drive

Haldimand House, located in the heart of Caledonia, Ontario is one of the town’s oldest and most prominent local landmarks. A consortium of independently owned boutiques, shoppes, and stores operating under one roof, this local gem has something for everyone.


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