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No matter the season, there’s always an opportunity to breathe in some fresh air, see something new and get your heart rate up — especially when you live in Caledonia, Ontario. Whether you live at our Avalon community or in Haldimand County, these top five trails are close to home. Luckily for you, our team is breaking down what there is to see and do at each of them below.

1. Tyneside Trail

Tyneside Trail is a lightly trafficked ‘out and back trail’ that’s located near Haldimand County in Ontario. While it’s primarily used for hiking, walking and running, the trail also leads to a lake that visitors can kayak or canoe on if they wish. Practice some yoga in the small grassy areas before entering, and bring your furry friends along for a 4.7-kilometer walk — it’s just 11 minutes away from Avalon.

2. Kinsmen Park

A 6-minute drive from Avalon, Kinsmen Park is at the centre of Caledonia, stretching from the Caledonia Bridge to the Highway 6 By-Pass. The park offers beautiful views of the Grand River, the Caledonia bridge and the Caledonia Dam. Along the trail, you’ll find a massive field where you can throw a frisbee or engage in a soccer match, as well as a baseball diamond, tennis court, skate park, swimming pool, and playground. There’s even a covered seating area where you can have lunch or read a book.

3. Gypsum Mine Tract Trail

Gypsum Mine Tract Trail is a 7.1-kilometer, lightly tracked point-to-point trail located 4 minutes away from Avalon. It features scenic views of greenery and beautiful wild flowers that immediately make you feel immersed in nature. Bring your bike along for a cycling ride, play some catch or toss around a ball on the soccer fields along the way. Fun fact: The trail’s name is intended to reflect the historical importance of gypsum mining in the area.

4. Rotary Riverside Trail

As part of the Trans Canada Trail System, Rotary Riverside Trail spans approximately 6 kilometers, featuring scenic views of the Grand River and a bountiful mix of greenery. Just 9 minutes away from Avalon, this trail is suitable for nature walks, hiking or cycling. Bring a chair to place by the water and take in the view, read a novel while you breathe in the fresh air or just relax under the mature trees while enjoying a charcuterie board or two.


5. Haldimand Chippewa Trail

Connecting to the Hamilton Chippewa Trail at Haldibrook Road, the Haldimand Chippewa Trail runs 2.7 kilometers south along the old Georgia-Pacific rail line. Keep your eyes peeled for a glimpse of any animals, as a portion of it runs alongside the Killman Zoo. As one of Avalon’s closest trails, just 3 minutes away, it’s the perfect go-to for taking in scenic views, walking or going on a run.

To learn more about Caledonia and Haldimand County, explore our community guide or website. If you’re interested in moving closer to these beautiful trails, we have a new release of homes at Avalon coming soon. Next, explore all that there is to do along the Grand River and find out why Haldimand is a county on the rise.


Pictures courtesy of: Canada 247 (Tyneside Trail, Kinsmen Park, Chippewa Trail); All Trails (Rotary Riverside Trail, Gypsum Mine Tract Trail).


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