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With the right set up, a trip to the backyard can feel like a vacation. We’ve rounded up everything you need to achieve your very own outdoor oasis that’ll be your destination for at-home relaxation and fun all summer long.

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Outdoor Lighting

A little well-placed illumination will let you enjoy your outdoor living area long after the sun goes down. String fairy lights across a fence or around the yard for a nighttime glow to entertain and dine under the stars, or arrange lanterns and tiki torches to make your space inviting and add visual interest.

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Hammocks are the perfect outdoor accessory to take a nap, read a book or peacefully relax in the shade. If you want a hammock but don’t have any trees to hang it between, there are plenty of options that come with stands so you can move them around your backyard as needed. As most of them are portable, you can also bring them along for a camping or cottage trip.

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Pizza Oven

Sure barbecues are a backyard staple, but a pizza oven takes things to the next level. While everyone on your block is grilling hot dogs and hamburgers, you’ll be cooking up crisp pepperoni and margherita pies in minutes to enjoy al fresco.

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Lawn Games

From horseshoes and cornhole to volleyball and bocce ball, this is the time of year when outdoor activities rule. These compact and portable options will help you take family game night outdoors and make the most out of the long lazy days of summer while having fun and keeping active. Plus, there are plenty of ways to DIY your own game sets.

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Even the biggest sun worshippers will welcome a bit of shade when temperatures soar, and you’ll enjoy your backyard space more when you have somewhere to retreat to with a cold drink in hand. You might invest in a large patio umbrella that can be moved around as the sun dips, or perhaps a more permanent structure like an awning or pergola that can provide a stylish focal point for your yard.

Interested in taking your backyard design to the next-level? Here are 9 ideas to inspire your outdoor space.


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