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Accent pieces establish the personality of a home, but when those carefully picked and positioned pieces get scattered from the hustle and bustle of everyday life they can quickly become an eyesore. Designer Andrew Pike lets us in on his designer solution; trays. Using trays can achieve and maintain the crisp and tidy feel of a magazine-ready home, giving purpose to your accents while keeping them where they were meant to be. Explore the various ways Andrew used trays in our new Riverland model homes and how you can use them in your own home decor project.

In the Bathroom

A tray in the bathroom is a great way to organize items kept out for easy access. Things like hand soap, cotton balls, hand towels and even tooth brush holders can be combined with accents and silk flowers on a tray to create a spa-like look. We especially love the sleek lucid tray below that houses a bold and modern sculpture.

In the Kitchen

A round tray can be a great centerpiece for a dining room table and can be easily moved when you have company.

In the Bedroom

Trays in the bedroom are particularly great because they can double as a prop for a luxurious breakfast-in-bed experience. A book, candle and mug can sit dormant as decor and be used on those lazy Sunday mornings.

In the Living Room

Perhaps the best room to make use of trays is in the living room. Coffee tables should never be left bare, but as one of the areas that family and house guests naturally congregate, they are often needed for snacks and drinks.

In the Office

A home office can go from chic and organized to chaos quicker than any other space in the home. Trays and even boxes are a great way to disguise practical items, like pencils, notebooks and even binder clips as decor.


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