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One of the most revered decades in history, the 1920s were an era of prosperity, flappers and jazz music, and it also saw the rise of the Art Deco design movement. Inspired by fashion and art itself, Art Deco is characterized by geometric patterns, metallic accents, daring uses of colour and shapely silhouettes and has prevailed as one of the most beloved and recognizable design styles one hundred years later. The adaptability of this eclectic yet luxurious decor means that elements of Art Deco can be found in almost every interior today. We break down the elements of Art Deco style so you can bring the Roaring Twenties into your own ’20s home.

1. Incorporate a Bold Geometric Design

1. Incorporate a Bold Geometric Design

The Halcyon model kitchen, which features a dazzling backsplash.

Art Deco style is unabashedly bold in its use of geometric shapes, and many of its favoured patterns — including zigzags, chevrons, sunburst, checker and trapezoids — are all still common household motifs. Bring Art Deco style into your own home by layering in bold patterns through decorative accents and furniture of different sizes, from textiles like pillows and throws, backsplash tiles, rugs, upholstered furniture and daring wallpaper designs.

2. Add Artwork & Sculpture Into Your Decor

2. Add Artwork & Sculpture Into Your Decor

A patterned rug adds interest underfoot in the Halcyon model home.

Just as the name suggests, Art Deco design favours beautiful displays of artwork. Small changes or additions to your decor — including swapping an art print for a painting or mixing a bust or two into an existing vignette — are both ways to drive this attention-grabbing style home.

3. Don’t Shy Away from a High-Drama Colour Palette

3. Don't Shy Away from a High-Drama Colour Palette

A deep blue ceiling is sure to turn eyes upward in the Harlow model.

Step inside an Art Deco home and you’ll find either a vibrant colour palette or a dramatic black and white one. Rich and bright hues like emerald green, peacock blue, deep purple and vivid red are all associated with this decor style as they reflected the optimism and prosperity of the era, while a monochromatic palette speaks to the decorating style’s more sophisticated side, having taken its cues from fashion houses like Chanel. For the greatest impact when working an Art Deco colour scheme into your home, be sure to commit to only one palette instead of trying to blend the two.

4. Work in Polished & Brushed Metals

4. Work in Polished & Brushed Metals

Bold patterns and warm metals make a splash in the Halcyon master ensuite.

Much like Art Deco’s defined colour palettes, metallic accents were popular in the 1920s as their opulence reflected the wealth of the decade. Hits of polished and brushed silver and gold were used to punctuate a space and add to its luxurious appeal. To elevate your home’s own Art Deco style, work in polished metals — both in fixtures and furniture — and pair them with other high-shine finishes like lacquer for a truly sumptuous look.

5. Top it All Off with Eclectic Furniture Pieces

5. Top it All Off with Eclectic Furniture Pieces

An attention-grabbing headboard is the statement piece of this otherwise relaxed bedroom in Harlow.

Art Deco became popular in a time where tourism started to boom and fashion designers had access to exotic animal prints, and the furniture of the era reflects that. When bringing Art Deco style into your own home, look for furniture pieces with unique prints or exaggerated but symmetrical curves.

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