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Designer Dominic De Freitas gives the green light for welcoming colour into our homes.



Ask anyone what their favourite colour is, and not many would tell you that it’s beige or grey. So why is there so much of it in our homes?


The answer isn’t surprising: people love colour but are afraid to use it, or are not entirely sure how to introduce it into their space. And while neutral tones are liveable, they can often make a room feel mundane when used solely.


On the flipside, too much colour in a single space can make it feel overwhelming or can quickly become tiresome. The trick is a masterful balance of both, and it’s this feat that makes designer Dominic De Freitas’ Manor Estate home nothing short of luxurious. Tried-and-true neutrals punctuated with pops of rich mustard and warm metallic finishes come together to create a space that could convince even the most adamant achromatic lover to step out of their comfort zone and embrace a more enlivened palette. “A neutral backdrop is timeless,” says Dominic, who designed this home for Empire’s Legacy community. “Avoid trends and introduce pattern and bold colour in the accents. These pieces are a much smaller investment and are easy to swap out if you get bored or want to make a change.”

This expert mix is perhaps most evident in the living room, where a quartet of vibrant mustard lounge chairs are toned down with silvery grey and white accents, including the area rug. “The neutral colour palette has a grounding effect that creates a visually calm environment, while purposeful pops of colour add excitement,” says Dominic. And to ensure that the sitting area did not feel removed from the rest of the space, Dominic upholstered the lounge chairs in a plush velvet to match the nearby sofa, and used silver, brass and black accents to connect the two zones.


So for the colour curious — those who love the idea of shaking up their palette but can’t commit to large- scale pieces in more daring shades — don’t worry. “You should never feel overwhelmed by colour,” Dominic reminds us. “How much and where you use it will depend on your personality — the key is to know what you can live with, unless you enjoy continually reinventing and refreshing your style. Personally, I only want to paint my walls once!”


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