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Eating Texas barbecue is like a warm hug from within. Every bite is different, but somehow, there’s comfort and familiarity to every experience. It’s no secret that Texas barbecue is among the world’s best. From our slow-cooked ribs and brisket to our tasty sides, there’s nothing like biting into meat that’s been cooked to perfection. Whether you’re located in Houston, Austin or San Antonio, we’ve compiled a list of barbecue spots you’re sure to enjoy.

Cooper’s BBQ

Cooper’s Old Time Pit Bar-B-Que brings great food, live music and local flare to downtown Austin. Known as the home of the world-famous “Big Chop,” the Wootan and Cooper families take pride in their original barbecue menu items. This family-owned restaurant’s menu includes a variety of beef ribs, brisket, prime rib, chicken and even homemade jerky. Come discover their signature barbecue style down on Congress Avenue.

Salt Lick

Established in 1967, Salt Lick barbecue is known for being a legendary place amongst Texans. A family tradition that dates back to the mid-1800s, the Salt Lick does barbecue the old-fashioned way. Every item on the menu is created using their classic smoking process along with a combination of proprietary dry spices that ensure that every bite is perfectly seasoned. Visit this one-of-a-kind rustic barbecue favorite just outside of Driftwood.

Franklin Barbecue

Owners Aaron and Stacy Franklin started Franklin Barbecue with quite the reputation behind them. Aaron Franklin is known as one of the most influential pitmasters in the U.S., having won a James Beard Foundation Award and Bon Appetit’s Best Barbecue Joint in America. Located in Austin’s historic East Side, Franklin Barbecue offers everything from smoked brisket to their signature ribs.

Tejas Chocolate & BBQ

Just when you thought barbecue couldn’t get anymore delicious, Tejas Chocolate & BBQ combines the best of both worlds, with specialty chocolate and Texas-style barbecue. This unconventional pairing offers a well-versed menu of classics and unique bites that are sure to take your taste buds on an adventure. Combining chocolate and barbecue was a stroke of pure genius for Tejas Chocolate & BBQ, known for their brisket-topped wedge salad, pork shoulder, and pork spare ribs. Experience this one-of-a-kind combination for yourself on Elm St. in Tomball.

The Goode Company

Established in 1977, The Goode Company has been serving slow-smoked meats and fresh gulf seafood family-style. They take pride in their distinct barbecue flavours created by mesquite smoke. With their fusion of Creole and Tex-Mex spices, The Goode Company offers a one-of-a-kind experience to bring Texans together. Visit their location in Houston to taste The Goode Company tradition.

Burns Original BBQ

Burns Original BBQ started back in 1973 when Roy Burns Sr. began selling barbecue to his local Houston community. Their secret to having customers come back time and time again is their Burns signature barbecue rub and sauce, which features rich smokey flavors with just a little bit of tang from the savoury vinegar. The tradition of Roy Burns Sr. lives on through his renowned recipes still being used even after 40 years. One of their most popular menu items is their signature wood smoked rib sandwich accompanied by their famous loaded baked potato. 

2M Smokehouse

2M Smokehouse serves Texas-style barbecue like no other. They’ve used the same family recipes since the beginning and have developed quite a reputation for their classic barbecue style. From smoked turkey sandwiches, pork ribs, sweet coleslaw, vegetarian options to family-style shareable meals, there’s something on the menu for everyone. Visit their popular hangout spot in San Antonio to try their family recipes.

Alamo BBQ Co.

Alamo BBQ Co. offers classic Texas-style Pit barbecue with their low and slow cooking methods. Have you ever tried peach-glazed baby back ribs? Alamo BBQ co. offers this and more. They’ve created smoked Creekstone brisket, smoked sausage, and turkey breast. Pair these delicious meats with some of their signature sides like their creamy mac-n-cheese, sweet creamed corn and savoury potato salad. And just in case you still have room at the end of your meal, they also make a house-made banana pudding that’s out of this world.

The Big Bib BBQ

The Big Bib BBQ started in 2000 at a car wash on the East side of San Antonio in a 600 sq. ft. location. Today they are synonymous with the Texas barbecue name, and they pride themselves on producing exceptional food made with passion. If you haven’t tried their signature brisket plate, you’re missing out. They’ve called themselves the Big Bib for a reason, so expect lots of sauce. Be sure to bring your appetite because they offer huge portions.

If you’re not in the mood for Texas BBQ, we’ve got a few more spots for cool treats. While you’re out on the town having a culinary adventure, be sure to check out these amazing events happening around Texas.

Images courtesy of; Tiffany Laforge (Cooper’s BBQ); Albert Salazar (Salt Lick); Dave Gillespie (Franklin Barbecue); Tejas Chocolate & BBQ (Tejas Chocolate & BBQ); Carlos Brandon (The Goode Company); Burns Original BBQ (Burns Original BBQ); Jacob Stone (2M Smokehouse); Tripadvisor (Alamo BBQ Co.); Peter Pham (The Big Bib BBQ).


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