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What started out as a master’s thesis idea has since become one of the largest and most wide-ranging redevelopment programs both in Georgia and the United States. Hatched back in 1999 by architectural planning graduate Ryan Gravel, the Atlanta BeltLine was designed to transform the way that Atlanteans used transportation and move around the city. Fast forward to the present, and the BeltLine is driving the new urbanism of the city, acting as the catalyst for inclusive and sustainable city life. Read on to discover why you’d want to live close to this bustling new development. 


Let’s face it, cars have become almost a necessity in today’s society, and it’s a convenient luxury that many enjoy. But what about the pedestrians who choose to traverse the city on foot? The Atlanta BeltLine offers a convenient mode of transportation for those who want to ditch their car. Residents can choose to walk, bike, or scooter down the 22-mile paved path, easily reaching different parts of the city. This also helps to keep community members connected to the various amenities that exist along the Atlanta BeltLine’s perimeter.


Local artists and creatives have joined together to make the Atlanta BeltLine their own outdoor art gallery. In addition to permanent installations of sculptures, murals and paintings, residents can witness a variety of different exhibits that are changed out throughout the year. Living by this trail means the community will always have regular access to beautiful art. 


A quick bite or an elegant dining experience is also never far away, with a growing number of restaurants dotted along the Atlanta BeltLine. Spots like Krog Street Market and Ponce City Market offer locals a unique dining experience, and are a one-stop-shop for all things food and retail.

Growing Economy

The Atlanta BeltLine has now become a hub for new urban developments, housing some of the most desired places to work. Companies like Atlanta’s very own MailChimp have their headquarters located right in Ponce City Market, attracting a variety of professionals to the surrounding areas. This kind of economic development will only increase as more businesses continue to flock to the Atlanta BeltLine.

​​Abundance of Nature

Near the Atlanta BeltLine, there is no shortage of trails and parks for community members to explore. From the picturesque Eastside Trail to the rustic Rose Circle Park, you might even start to forget that you live in the heart of Atlanta. Community members will also be able to enjoy an even longer stretch of the trail (an additional 4.5 miles) with the new expansion set to connect the Eastside and Westside.

Rich History and Culture

The Atlanta BeltLine is home to several historic sites, with many of its buildings dating back to the early 20th century. This stunning architecture has been preserved over the years and can still be seen and enjoyed by the community today. Some of those spaces have also been transformed into the many coffee shops and restaurants that currently exist along the pathway. Little gems like these are scattered all around the Atlanta BeltLine, leaving residents with something new to discover every day.

Investment Opportunities

With all of the new developments happening in and around the Atlanta BeltLine, this has caused the value of homes to rise significantly. Within the last ten years alone, the community saw home values increase by 118%, with new construction homes increasing in value 11% each year. It’s predicted that the value of homes will continue to increase as the Atlanta BeltLine moves forward with its expansion. The addition of new homes and amenities into this growing community makes this an amazing opportunity for potential homebuyers.


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Image courtesy of: Krog Street Market.


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