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Wondering how you can take a room from utilitarian to unique? Designer Andrew Pike shares his insights for mastering a well-layered space.


Everyone knows that jeans are the true foundation of any great outfit. Throw on a nice top, slip on a slick pair of shoes, mix in an accessory or two, and voilà, you’ve got a chic outfit for a night out. Layers take an outfit from good to great, and the same rule applies when it comes to interior design. Layering is an important design principle that makes a room feel unique, rich and textured. And just as it is in the fashion world, it takes a keen eye and a solid foundation to pull together individual design elements and have them form a cohesive overall look. So if you’re wondering what it takes to pull off a well-layered space, look no further: read on to discover Andrew Pike’s tips for how to layer any room like a pro.

5 Steps To Success

Step 1

Define your space and anchor the room with a rug.

Step 2

Lay the groundwork with essential furniture: a sofa, accent chairs, coffee table(s).

Step 3

Layer in texture and comfort with pillows, throws and window treatments.

Step 4

Boost visual appeal with complementary lighting and artwork.

Step 5

Add personality with vintage finds, accessories, plants and small furniture.

Q&A With Andrew Pike

Q&A With Andrew Pike

What are the layers that make up a room, and how do you categorize them?

“Layers can be absolutely anything and the more of them, the better. Textures, patterns and colour palettes all contribute to layering and make a space feel inviting and welcoming. Layering should start from the selection of finishes like hardwood and tile, and go all the way down to the final details on a mantle or coffee table.”


What’s your process for elevating a space?

“Begin with a great base of your major furniture pieces, including anchoring your room with a rug, and build it up. The big pieces are key, so start from there. When it comes to accents, pull colour cues from things like the rug and artwork to tie everything together.”


Is there a certain order you follow when layering accents?

“I like to have lots of options to play with so that I can create vignettes. It’s an organic process so I like to put things in, look at them for a while, move on to another area and then come back and ensure that the entire space is working together. Often things look great in one area, but once the room is completed, they look slightly out of place. Remember, the key is that any space as a whole needs to be a standout, not each individual model in it.”


What are your top go-to accents to enhance a space?

“Accessories are often the easiest way to layer: pillows and throws on a sofa, books on a coffee table, and trays filled with collected and personal items. Your space should reflect you and the things you love, so first and foremost be sure to add in touches of your personality. Smaller items are also great because they’re quick and easy to change out with the seasons or as you freshen up your spaces.”


What other elements can you use to make a space feel more luxurious?

“Lighting is always key in creating different moods in a space. Sometimes you want the room to be well-lit and other times you want it to feel more cozy and moody. Having multiple lighting sources in every space —and having the option to dim the light —is so important. Another one of my favourite tricks is to use textured wall coverings like grasscloth for a rich and luxurious backdrop.”


Any other tips?

“Stick with a colour palette to keep things from getting too chaotic, consider lots of options and don’t be afraid to experiment.”

See how interior designer Andrew Pike puts together a well-layered space using a few simple steps.

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