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As the summer sun began to fade and the back-to-school season approached, we launched two heartwarming initiatives that brought us all closer to our communities and supported important causes. Our recent school supply drives in Texas, carried out in partnership with Star of Hope in Houston and the other with Partnerships for Children in Austin, have left us inspired and grateful. Read on to learn more about how our team has succeeded in giving back to communities that have given us so much.

Spreading the Word and Sharing the Love

It takes a team to achieve a dream, and that couldn’t be truer in these cases. At the start of our initiatives, we reached out to our homeowners, vendors, prospects, and realtors, inviting them to be a part of something meaningful. Spreading the word within our model homes and across our Texas communities, we encouraged people to join hands with us in supporting students in need.

Turning Generosity Into a Friendly Competition

Who doesn’t love a little competition? To add some extra excitement to our initiatives, we turned our school drives into contests among our communities. The challenge was simple: who could gather the most supplies and create the most impact? The response was nothing short of phenomenal.

Celebrating the Stars of Our Drives

While all contributions were appreciated, both big and small, there were some communities that stood out. Our residents at Coastal Point deserve a special shout-out for their remarkable efforts and for bringing in the highest number of donations in Houston. That being said, the contributions from our other communities including those in Austin were just as commendable.

From Model Homes to Office Walls: A Ripple Effect of Kindness

Our initiatives weren’t just confined to our communities. The spirit of giving spread to our office spaces as well. Our team didn’t hesitate to add their own donations to our growing piles of supplies.

The Impact of Small Acts of Kindness

Through the collective efforts of our team in Houston, we were able to donate about 200 items to support students in need with our contributions in Austin being just as successful. Items like notebooks, folders and pencils are simple items but can make a substantial difference in a student’s school life.

Our Continued Efforts of Give Back

Our partnerships with Star of Hope and Partnerships for Children are more than just one-time endeavors. They’re commitments to our communities and uplifting those around us. We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to all who participated, donated, and spread the word. Your involvement has left an indelible mark on our communities and has shown that, when we come together with purpose, remarkable things happen.


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