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Furniture and accessories of this style appear aged and have a sense of history about them with visible signs of wear; if new items are incorporated into a space, they are often distressed to achieve the appearance of an antique. The overall feel is soft and opulent, yet with a cottage-style decor that is warm and approachable. This look is easy to recreate on your own and is forgiving to a few nicks and dents, which makes it perfect for a young family.

To Achieve This Look, Designer Dominic De Freitas and His Team…

  • Incorporated items found at a local flea market — like the antique tin ceiling tiles and doors — and repurposed them as decorative elements. Their distressed, worn finish highlights the debossed motifs of flowers and scrolls.
  • Chose a colour palette based on pure and slightly off whites, as well as ecrus with accents in bleached-out pastel colours of soft moss green, dusty rose and cornflower blue.
  • Selected handcrafted pottery and ceramics with matte finishes; the pieces have an inherently artisanal and organic look and feel.
  • Created vignettes that told a story by grouping similar items together (purposefully avoiding identical items). A story can be created based on the type of material the objects are made from, their intended purpose (a theme) or colour palette.


Dominic’s Advice for Mastering Shabby Chic Style

  • A general tip to keep in mind is that grouping items in threes looks more natural and less forced than an even numbered grouping – when things are overly symmetrical they can look stale and cold. Achieving the perfect look is a fine balance between asymmetrical and symmetrical.
  • The distressed woods and weathered metals of shabby chic decorating can make it easy to give off a vibe that is more ‘shabby’ than ‘chic.’ To keep it modern and fresh looking, balance time-worn pieces and natural materials with furniture forms that possess clean lines.
  • Pieces that you plan to keep for a long period of time and that will get the most use are worth splurging on. This includes a comfortable sofa (that can be reupholstered or slipcovered), or a statement piece such as an armoire or striking light fixture.



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