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A contemporary mix of traditional and modern styles, the Manor Estate is a transitional home that blends traditional architectural elements with clean-lined furniture and modern finishes. The fine balance of curved and straight lines results in an uncomplicated design that is both comfortable and relaxing while still sophisticated and refined.


Transitional design features a lack of ornamentation and minimal decoration. Colour palettes are typically neutral and subtle and may be monochromatic, with colour found through art and accents rather than upholstery and floors. In designing the Manor Estate model, designer Dominic De Freitas and his team selected a grey hue with a silvery undertone hue for the walls, which made it a natural fit for metallic finishes of silver, brass, copper and rose gold.

To Create This Classic Look, Consider the Following

  • Symmetry: the human eye is drawn to symmetry and balance, which means that rooms that feature plenty of it will always be pleasant to look at.
  • Create a focal point: much like symmetry, focal points are important because they’re pleasing to the eye and give it a place to rest.
  • Hide technology: this doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on integrated furniture, simply that items like a large screen television shouldn’t be front and centre.
  • Avoid trends: a neutral backdrop is timeless. Introduce pattern and bold colour through accents; these pieces are a much smaller investment and are easy to swap out if you ever get bored or want to make a change.
  • Modernize a traditional home with art: contemporary art is what makes a room feel rooted in the present, no matter the historical period of the furnishings.
  • Design rule: feature your most dominant colour at 60%, your secondary colour at 30%, and your accent colour at 10%.



Want more decor inspiration? Check out our Manor Estate Style Guide, with exclusive tips from designer Dominic De Freitas and subscribe to receive three more style guides directly to your inbox along with exclusive bonus content and expert tips and inspiration.



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Liz, Nicole and Karla

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