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Getting ready to sell your old digs to move into your new home? You can never assume that a prospective buyer will be able to look past your cluttered dining room table and overgrown front yard to see the beauty of the home beneath it, which is why staging is so crucial as you prepare to list your home.

If hiring a professional stager is out of reach, we have 8 DIY tips to get your home open house ready.

Clean, Clean, Clean

The simplest thing you can do to maximize the appeal of your home both inside and out is to give it a good clean. All those treasured personal collections that mean the world to you look like clutter to potential buyers and become a huge distraction. In addition to washing, dusting and polishing features like your backsplash, cabinets and countertops, clean out cluttered cupboards and closets, wash the windows and tackle the landscaping. Now is also a good time to donate or sell items you know won’t be coming with you to your new home.

Group Your Furniture

There’s a long-standing myth that spreading out furniture will make the room appear larger, but in fact, it’s the exact opposite. Floating furniture away from walls in cozy, functional groups actually creates an organic flow to the room and is more pleasing to the eye.

Highlight the Best Use of Space

If you have a nook that’s become a place where your junk gathers, repurpose it to show a functional space. An armchair, lamp and small table can create a quick and easy reading nook or floating shelves can transform an area into a pantry or storage den.

Let There Be Light

Help your home appear as light-filled as possible by either adding some new lighting fixtures or increasing the wattage of your lightbulbs. Properly utilizing the lighting you already have can make a huge difference when potential buyers are touring your space, especially in hallways, basements and bathrooms.

Rearrange Your Accents

Use the accent pieces you’ve accumulated over the years in a way that’s more attractive to visitors. Odd numbers are more pleasing to the eye, especially three. Position accents in a triangle formation on coffee tables and shelves with mismatched heights and widths in each group, largest in the back. To maximize appeal, group items with some unifying category, like colour or texture.

Add Some Greens

Little details like live or silk flowers and greenery in bathrooms and bedrooms create the impression of a well-cared for and inviting home. Something as simple as placing a decorative bowl of green apples on the kitchen island can showcase the space in a whole new way.

Mimic That Spa Effect

That calming, comforting effect of a spa retreat can easily be mimicked in your bathroom with a few small changes. Polish the surfaces for a gleaming, luxurious look and add details like rolled up hand towels on decorative trays, and lightly-scented candles.

Neutralize Your Home

We all know someone whose home always smells of…something. You may have become immune to the lingering smells of your home, but for potential buyers, it smacks them right in the face the moment they walk in. And with a strong connection between smell and memory, it may be what they remember most about your home. Air fresheners are a great option, but can often be overwhelming if you rely too heavily on them. The best thing to do is to air out your home as often as possible and give it a good clean before the open house.


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