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The COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on every facet of our lives, changing the ways in which we interact with our families, friends and communities, and making us press pause on important milestones in our lives. While the rising number of global cases means that we may not be able to celebrate with our loved ones the way we’re used to, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t celebrate at all. In spite of this situation, many have found strength and resilience, creating ways to safely come together to mark important life events. Read on for fun ideas on how you can celebrate every occasion, even with physical distancing measures in place.

For a Grown-Up Birthday Bash: Schedule a Virtual Hangout

In a time where we’re bombarded with bad news on the regular, celebrating a birthday lets us focus on something positive, and reminds us how fortunate we are to be in good health. And while we may not be able to celebrate with all our friends and family by our side, platforms like Zoom, Skype, Houseparty, Netflix Party and more are all great ways to virtually spend time with friends and play games or watch movies. To make the occasion feel even more festive, decorate the wall behind where you’ll be taking your call with streamers and balloons (and be sure to kick off your video chat with a celebratory glass of wine in hand, of course).

For a Child’s Birthday: Have a Party on the Front Lawn

Birthday parties at home may be common, but chances are you’ve never hosted one on your front lawn. This summer, take advantage of the warm weather to have a few close family and friends stop by to visit your son or daughter on their birthday. Use a folding table to set up a mini snack and cake station on your driveway, and have family members take turns coming up to say hello to the guest of honour. To make the occasion feel even more special, order a custom balloon arch, which comes in colours and designs of all kinds, and can be paired with a sweet backdrop. It’ll be one of the most memorable — and unique — birthday parties of their young lives.

For an Anniversary

The pandemic has given us all a reason to hug our significant other a bit tighter, and an occasion like an anniversary is a good reminder of the love, care and respect you share. Make the day special by spending reminiscing over old photos, dancing to a custom playlist of songs that have been important throughout your relationship, write love letters to each other and toast to one another over a special meal.

Baby Showers & New Births

Drive-by parties — where families get together and go past a house with signs in tow — are becoming a popular way for family and friends to show their love for couples that are expecting or just welcomed a new bundle of joy. If you’re the one expecting, you can join in on the fun by decorating your front porch with balloons or a lawn sign to welcome the new baby. And while a traditional baby shower may not be possible at this time, sip-and-sees — parties hosted after the baby is born — are steadily rising in popularity and offer the perfect opportunity to introduce the newest member of the family alongside light refreshments.

Postponed Wedding Dates

Brides and grooms that have made the difficult decision to postpone their big day will be feeling torn between wanting to spend the day alone at home, waiting for it to be over, or wanting to honour the original date and make it special. Much like an anniversary, you can look back on the other milestones of your relationships, sway to your first dance song, and order in a meal to mark the evening. And because the wedding industry understands just how hard it can be for couples, many vendors are offering special ‘wedding night in’ packages that include a floral arrangement, mini wedding cake, bottle of bubbly and a memento or two. And if you happen to know a couple that has had to postpone their wedding, sending them a bouquet of flowers or a bottle of bubbly is sure to be greatly appreciated.

Images courtesy of Shutterfly (hero image, virtual birthday party); Hunter Premo (baby shower).


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