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In the next 25 years, the City of Toronto’s Lakeshore stretch is expected to add nearly 280,000 residents and 190,000 new jobs. In addition to the community amenities provided to residents by these new condos, public services are vital to the health of a community expecting significant growth. At the top of this list is access to reliable and timely transit.

As stake holders in the health and growth of the South Etobicoke community, Empire keeps its ear to the ground regarding improvements to public services, particularly transit and we support residents, both future and present in doing the same. On our radar is the Waterfront Transit RESET plan, a comprehensive transit approach to the waterfront that is intended to both support the surge in residents moving along the Lakeshore and rectify the disjointed east-west transit approach that has been taken in the past. The planned area extends from the west at Long Branch GO Station and the Mississauga border to Woodbine Avenue in the east, from the Queensway/Queen Street to the Lakeshore.


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