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It’s not uncommon to find yourself spending a lot of time and effort decorating the rooms in your home, but sometimes your vision doesn’t always translate the same in reality. Maybe that sofa you’ve always wanted is too large for your space, or the antique lamps you’ve been eyeing end up clashing with the rest of your decor. Design errors like these can spoil and throw off the balance in any room, which is the last thing you want. We’ve put together a guide to help you avoid common decorating mistakes and create a well-balanced space that you love.

1. Decor Overload

When you love everything you see on the shelves, it can be hard to narrow down your final picks before you hit the register. Overloading the rooms in your home with different pieces can create clutter, making a room feel overwhelming. As the old saying goes, less is more, and that couldn’t be any more true than in design. Being intentional with the pieces you choose to have in your home will help to create a more cohesive space that’s free from distractions.

2. Creased Sheets

The look of crisp, freshly ironed sheets is one that will never go out of style. It’s a detail few may notice, but a crucial element that  will tie any room together.  While some may not recognize crisp sheets upon first glance, wrinkled and creased sheets can certainly be quite noticeable. Luckily, you don’t need to be tending to your sheets around the clock to maintain that fresh look. Discover this expert tip from House Beautiful that’ll eliminate even the deepest creases. 


3. Exposed Wires

Although electronics can enhance any space, they often come with unsightly wires that can detract from a room’s appeal. If you have multiple devices within the same area, their wires can often become tangled, creating a mess you’ll have to tend to later on. Not to worry — there are many creative techniques you can use to disguise any lingering exposed wires around your home. 

4. Unbalanced Gallery Wall

Hanging art around your home is a great way to enhance any room you walk into, and with endless options to choose from, you’ll have no trouble finding something that works for you. However, it’s important to give thought and consideration to the placement of art on your walls. For example, hanging a small picture on an otherwise empty wall can throw off the look and feel of the space. Combatting this misstep by having a plan for your art is a crucial first step in perfectly curating any room’s decor.

5. Outdated Lighting

Gone are the days of gaudy chandeliers and over-the-top lighting fixtures — give your space a much needed facelift with more minimal options. You don’t have to abandon the glitz and glam entirely, but scaling back when it comes to lighting can help give your home a modern feel. It helps to survey your current lighting fixtures and start by updating the oldest onese. Often, you’ll find that your oldest pieces have long outlived their usefulness and should be swapped for newer additions. 

6. Curtains That Graze the Floor

Curtains are a great opportunity to experiment with different colours and patterns without a big commitment, but when they’re poorly fitted for the space, it can be an unnecessary distraction. Curtains that have excess fabric along the floor can not only make the space look and feel messy, but will ultimately attract a lot of dust and debris in those areas. If you run into this at home, try hanging your curtains closer to the ceiling to get the hems off the floor while also creating the illusion of a taller space.

For even more design tips and inspiration explore our articles on trending accent walls you should try to the best neutral paint colors for every room in your home. 


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