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1. Incorporate weathered furniture and pretty patinas.

Timeworn accents are a staple of shabby chic style, so be sure to incorporate a few rough-hewn pieces into your design.

2. Mix in breezy materials.

Fabrics like cotton and linen are the heroes of a shabby chic home. “Pieces that you plan on keeping for a long time and will get the most use are worth splurging on,” says designer Dominic De Freitas.

3. Layer in soft accent pieces.

Layers of soft fabrics are key in a shabby chic home. Plush bed sheets and oversized pillows ensure that this principal bedroom is a cozy retreat at the end of a long day.

4. Add warmth with wood.

A wooden stool and small woven basket warm up the principal bathroom’s cool palette.

5. Use a soft palette.

A palette of creamy white and pastel tones means shabby chic leans toward the feminine side of decorating. “Choose a colour palette based on pure and slightly off whites, as well as ecrus with accents in bleached-out pastel colours like soft moss green, dusty rose and cornflower blue,” says Dominic.

6. Use different shades of white.

Tonal values of white create a sense of warmth, variety and interest.

7. Boost visual interest with details.

A simple, monochromatic colour scheme lets the furniture, details and accessories of a shabby chic home stand out.

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Watch the design notes video guide.

Can’t resist this cool and comfortable style? Get designer Dominic De Freitas’ tips for incorporating it into your home.


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