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As any avid entertainer will tell you, hosting a party is no small task — especially when the guest list is extensive. Party prep begins long before the party starts, from running out to the store to get all the food and hosting supplies we need, to giving the house a thorough clean the day before. With all that effort going into the preparations, we know that the host deserves to kick back, relax and enjoy the party they’ve meticulously put together. Our secret? Hire extra hands. Having a server (or two), bartender or mixologist there will give the host the support they need to enjoy the party without worry, as the staff will be there to serve, ensure everything is running smoothly, cater to guests and smooth out any hiccups. But if you’re still not convinced, then keep reading; we’re sharing our top three reasons why hiring support staff is sure to make hosting and entertaining a breeze.

They’re Professional & Adaptable

Are there enough snacks to go around? Does anyone’s glass need to be refilled? When should I start to serve coffee and dessert? If you’ve hosted a party before, these questions have surely crossed your mind while in the midst of entertaining. One of the greatest benefits of hired help is that they’re there to do all that for you — from serving, refilling and mixing drinks, cleaning up and more — to keep the party running smoothly. Your only job? Giving your undivided attention to your guests.

They Provide Better Service

This one may seem like a given, but it’s true — just as if you were in a restaurant or event venue, your guests will receive better service. Not only are the wait staff there to ensure everyone is looked after and happy, but your guests may also feel more comfortable knowing they can approach them with any needs instead of pulling you aside.

You’ll Impress Your Guests

Hosting a bridal shower in the backyard, or a milestone birthday party? Hiring event staff is one of the easiest (and relatively cost-effective) ways to make your event that much classier. Having servers and bartenders on hand sets an instant upscale tone, and may even leave your guests wondering what party they can host next.

Want more great entertaining inspiration? Read up on bar cart essentials for every homeowner, and five essential entertaining tips for an intimate gathering. Happy hosting!


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