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Schools play a major role in the growth of your family and are often one of the most important considerations when buying a new home. To help our Enclave at Massey homeowners navigate their way through their new school options, we’ve put together this handy guide on all things education.

School District in Fort Mill, SC

Young residents at the Enclave at Massey will have access to outstanding education within the Fort Mill School District (FMSD), a highly-regarded district with top-performing schools. Here’s everything you need to know about your school options, including size, extra curriculars and sports. Keep in mind this information is always changing and evolving from year to year, and it’s important to meet with prospective schools to get a sense of the atmosphere and educational experience they have to offer.

Doby’s Bridge Elementary School

Location: 1000 Dragon Way, Fort Mill, SC 29715

Phone: (803) 835-5200

Grade Range: K-5

Doby’s Bridge Elementary believes that every child deserves the most quality education possible by ensuring that all children have a safe, caring environment in which they are able to grow and develop academically and socially, in hopes of becoming lifelong learners.

Fort Mill Middle School

Location: 200 Springfield Parkway, Fort Mill, SC 29715

Phone: (803) 835-5200

Grade Range: 6-8

With the understanding that each student is a valued individual with unique needs that must be met, Fort Mill Middle strives to nurture and encourage each student’s success while also providing a smooth transition into their secondary years.

Catawba Ridge High School

Location: 1180 Fort Mill Parkway, Fort Mill, SC 29715

Phone: (803) 835-5222

Grade Range: 9-12

The mission of Catawba Ridge High is to create an inclusive, engaging and thriving learning community so that each student and succeeds and emerges prepared for higher learning.

In our experience, nothing compares to an actual visit. Sometimes reports and stats don’t take into account the amazing teachers and staff or overall atmosphere of a school. At the end of the day different kids connect with different environments and what works for one family might be different for the next. Spend the time visiting, meeting and talking to families who already attend the school and use our info as a launching point to find the school that’s right for you.


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