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Just as your home’s location is important, so too is ensuring that the type of home you buy reflects your lifestyle needs and wants. When it comes to determining what option is best for you, it largely depends on preference: if you like the idea of living in a townhome and want to minimize property management, low-maintenance homes — such as our Villas at Rowe community in Pflugerville — are a great option. Read on to discover our top reasons why we think you’ll love low-maintenance townhome living. 

Maintenance is Made Easy

As a homeowner of a Twin Villa townhome at Rowe, some property maintenance is covered through the neighborhood HOA. The benefits of having your home maintenance covered through the community HOA are two-fold: first, it gives you more time to enjoy all that the community and surrounding area has to offer; and two, it ensures that the community will always be well-maintained and beautifully landscaped even as it matures.

Community Consistency will Increase the Area’s Value

Having the community HOA be responsible for some property management is advantageous. Townhome maintenance not covered under HOA are subject to changes as your neighbors see fit, which could translate to a lack of uniformity across the neighborhood, or neglected homes that bring the value of the area down. At Empire at Rowe, you can rest assured that your unit and your neighbor’s units will be properly maintained and will consistently look the same, so that your property value only continues to rise as time goes on.

You’ll Have More Time to Enjoy All the Area Has to Offer

You’ll have more time to enjoy all that the community and surrounding area has to offer when you don’t have a laundry list of home maintenance chores to tend to. Empire at Rowe is a family-friendly community that’s rich in amenities, including pocket parks and playgrounds for children of all ages to enjoy. The community is also centrally located in desirable Pflugerville and is conveniently close to excellent shopping districts, delicious restaurants, ample entertainment, recreation options and so much more. 

Empire at Rowe presents a unique opportunity to own modern-open concept twin villa floor plans that include spacious kitchens and private owner’s retreats that go beyond the typical townhome. Visit our website to learn more about this community.


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