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Whether you’re relocating to a new city, moving out for the first time or settling in down the block, there’s a lot to consider. With the help of Empire Rental Living’s property management team, we’ve rounded the top renting tips and things every renter should consider to ensure your move and living experience is as seamless as possible.

1. Renter’s Insurance


While minimum renter’s insurance is required, you should consider if you want to get personal item insurance to protect your property in the event of damage or loss. Review your items and ensure you’re covering what’s of value, as this small investment can save you a lot of money and stress long-term.

2. Get a Quote From Your Movers


Moving can be costly — but some large costs can be accounted for ahead of time. Get a comprehensive quote from your mover so there are no surprises. When scheduling, ask about the following:


Are there any minimums? Are there charges for mileage? Are there paid breaks? Is there anything the team won’t move? Do they provide furniture coverings?

Remember to account for obstacles such as stairs, and to share the floor plan and site map with your movers ahead of time. In advance of moving day, schedule elevator usage (if required) and on-site parking, and confirm any restrictions on moving vans, hours, height of vehicles, etc. with your property management team.

3. Clean Before Packing


Review your items and consider if they’re worth donating. If you haven’t worn or used an item in over a year, ask yourself: “is this really worth keeping?” This will save you a lot of time and hassle during the moving process, so make sure it’s prioritized.

4. Address Changes


Address changes are necessary when moving. Review the timeline and requirements for any ID, mail, delivery subscriptions, cable providers, etc. ahead of time so all your information is accurate before you move into your new place.

5. Download the Resident App


Make communication with your new property management team easy by downloading Empire Rental Living’s designated resident app ahead of time. If you have any concerns upon moving in or you need to submit a maintenance request, you can do so at the click of a button.

6. Set Up Autopay


Make your life more convenient by setting up automatic rent payments. This simple switch will ensure you’re paying rent on time, and leave you worry-free.

7. Inspect Your New Home


Before settling in, take some time to inspect your new home thoroughly. Each home is meticulously inspected beforehand, but sometimes new-build homes have nuances. If anything needs to be fixed, submit a maintenance request on the resident app to ensure everything is addressed as soon as possible.

8. Meet Your Neighbours

Getting to know the people in your community can go a very long way and make your living experience so much better. Our recommendation? Leave a handwritten note or small gift with your contact information at their door to establish a relationship with your new neighbours.

9. Take Care of Your Appliances


Your living experience is only as good as the quality of your home, so taking care of your space is important. Remember to be gentle with your appliances and features in the unit. Mindful living will keep your rental experience seamless and prevent multiple repairs.

10. Open Communication With Roommates


To ensure you’re all on the same page from the get-go, we recommend open communication and setting some ground rules, boundaries, and household expectations. With these established, you’ll know what’s expected from one another and any potential future conflicts can be prevented.


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Nicole and Karla

New Home Specialists


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