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Just moved into a new Empire rental home and looking to take your space from good to great? We compiled a list of renter-friendly decor options to consider for your living space. From lighting to removable curtains and non-damaging art, you’ll want to implement these 6 unique design ideas immediately. Who said personalizing a rental has to be hard?

1. Lighting

Instant visual interest is achieved by adding additional lighting to your space. The ones provided in your rental home are designer-selected, but if you’re looking to add some personalization, kicking your lighting game up a notch won’t hurt. Whether it’s floor or table lamps, new lighting can make the world of a difference.

2. Removable Curtains

There’s something about curtains that just make a space look complete and give it a luxurious feel. If you want better control over how much light flows into your home, add removable window coverings into each room. Blackout curtains are a great go-to for sleep. Pro tip: For a more elegant look, make sure your drapes sweep the floor.

3. Non-Damaging Wall Art

One of the pain points of hanging photos is drilling, marking and damaging walls. But there’s a solution — companies like Mixtiles provide non-damaging frames that stick to the wall via an adhesive strip, ideal for those who don’t want to create holes. The best part is that you can rejig your frames at least a few dozen times without the adhesive wearing off.

4. Additional Storage

Between our clothes, kitchenware, bedding, toiletries, and other personal nicknacks, finding places to store all our belongings in our homes is a feat of its own. If you’re limited on storage space, get creative with multi-purpose furniture. Purchase a few sorting containers for your drawers, organizers that maximize your closet space, or larger pieces like bed frames and ottomans with built-in storage.

5. Houseplants

Homes come alive the minute houseplants are added — literally. In addition to all the health benefits they provide, they can elevate your home’s interiors in an instant. Think of houseplants like a piece of artwork that complements rooms and furnishings. Get creative with where and how they’re styled by placing them in various rooms or swapping out planters. You can depend on this simple design option to add tons of personality.

6. Outdoor Flooring

Does your home have a dedicated outdoor space like a patio? Consider purchasing removable outdoor tiles that just snap into place. They’ll make the floor more comfortable to walk on and your outdoor living space much more stylish. Choose from materials like wood, plastic or faux grass. The best part is that you can disassemble them in minutes and transport them to your next residence.


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Nicole and Karla

New Home Specialists


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