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Niagara offers an endless number of outdoor possibilities. Experience life on the other side of your four walls: cycle, paddle, and hike through kilometres of country roads, beautiful vineyards, trails, and canals boasting some of the region’s most picturesque vistas.

Connect with Nature

Just minutes from our Canals and Calderwood communities, the Greater Niagara Circle Route is a system of trails connecting the Waterfront, Niagara River, and Welland Canal Trail. The route is over 140km of paved and off-road trails made for walking, cycling, or rollerblading. Passing through urban centres, downtowns, waterfronts and the Niagara Escarpment, the trail network offers some breathtaking views.

Get Out on the Water

The Welland Canal, neighbouring Empire Canals, offers a chance to connect to nature in whatever way inspires you. Run, bike, paddle, walk or fish along this famous river, which winds its way throughout Southwestern Ontario, connecting some of the province’s most breathtaking natural features.

Explore Conservation Areas

A commitment to natural preservation has allowed the Niagara region to grow without losing its green fields, fertile farms, and beautiful rivers and canals. Experience local conservation areas such as the Woodend which is just 10 minutes from Empire Calderwood, Rockway, and Willoughby Marsh Conservation Area — a short half an hour drive from Empire Canals.

Ready to call Niagara home? Learn more about Canals and Calderwood today.


Next, hit the town and discover some of Niagara’s hot spots loved among locals and visitors alike. Or, stop by these 5 wineries for a beverage to top off the day.


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