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Moving into a new home comes with its fair share of decision making. Even if it just boils down to choosing a paint colour, the process of designing your home can be overwhelming — especially when you don’t know the first thing about undertones, how lighting can impact the look of each room, and whether or not your selected colour is going to complement your furniture. Luckily for you, our design team is taking the guesswork out of the decision making process for you by sharing 8 of the best neutral paint colours that will look great in any room. P.S. they’re all by Sherwin-Williams.

1. First Star

The perfect cool grey that isn’t too stark.

First Star will make your home feel crisp and airy from the moment you walk through the door. A cool, light grey paint colour with the slightest blue undertones, this popular shade brightens like a white but still gives you a hint of colour on your walls. Neither too modern nor too stark, this hue pairs nicely with contemporary, coastal, Scandinavian or transitional homes.

2. City Loft

Marrying the best of beige and grey.

City Loft is a versatile colour that works well in any room. The perfect combination of beige and grey, City Loft imparts a feeling of warmth, without any yellow undertones. The colour can be manipulated depending on the type of lighting used, but its light hue will never dominate a room.

3. Agreeable Gray

A subtle greige shade.

Agreeable Gray is one of Sherwin Williams’ best selling paint colours and it’s not hard to see why. From floors and countertops to furniture pieces in all colour families, this neutral shade pairs nicely with just about everything thanks to its chameleon qualities. For those who can’t decide between grey or beige, Agreeable Gray is your opportunity to have both.

4. Accessible Beige

Neutral beige with a hint of grey.

Accessible Beige is best known for its soft and subtle undertones, and is a go-to for those looking to brighten their home. Depending on where you use this colour — be it in north-facing or south-facing rooms — Accessible Beige can steer more towards the spectrum of cool but it typically favours its beige undertones. The paint colour complements modern and traditional decor, pairing nicely with white trim and natural hardwood floors.

5. Alabaster

White, just not too white.

A neutral off-white colour, Alabaster sets the foundation for an aesthetically-pleasing space. It’s the perfect choice for those who haven’t solidified a design style yet or are looking to refresh their decor as it allows furniture to be the star of the show. Its neutral base gives off a creamy look without being too warm or showing any signs of yellow.

6. Incredible White

A soft, warm white.

Incredible White is another one of Sherwin Williams’ more popular colours. With taupe undertones — specifically pink and purple (yes, we said that right) — the way this warm paint colour looks is heavily dependent on the light. For example, in south-facing rooms, you may notice some of the colour’s pink undertones shine through, whereas in north-facing spaces, they may not be as noticeable.

7. Aesthetic White

An off-white paint colour with neutral undertones. 

Aesthetic White doesn’t have very strong undertones, meaning that it’s a fairly neutral paint colour compared to some of the other shades Sherwin Williams offers. If you’re looking for a colour that exudes comfort and warmth, Aesthetic White may just be the colour you’ve been looking for.

8. Creamy

The warmest of the off-white colours.

Creamy, like most cream-coloured paints, has a pale yellow undertone. Don’t worry — your walls won’t look like bumble bees, but it is important to understand how lighting can affect the hues that stand out. While Creamy tends to look off-white most of the time, Creamy’s yellow undertones can be a bit more pronounced in south-facing rooms where there’s warm sunlight.

Want to give a new hue a virtual test run before making it permanent on your walls? Check out these five popular paint apps that help take the stress out of choosing your paint colour by letting you upload images of your room to try various shades. For more design inspiration — including why royal blue is the pop of colour you need in your home, and why black is the timeless hue we can’t get enough of — visit our blog.


Please note: this blog post is for inspiration purposes only. Paint colours are not available at our Design Centre.


Pictures courtesy of: CrackerJack23 (First Star); Pinterest (City Loft, Aesthetic White); Living Letter Home (Agreeable Gray); Housekeeping Bay (Accessible Beige); Farmhouse Living (Alabaster); Southern Living (Creamy).



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