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Buying new appliances isn’t an everyday occurrence. In fact, next to purchasing a home or a car, appliances are one of the most significant financial investments you’ll make. To ensure your selection fits your budget, needs and style, we asked for advice from the appliance experts at Whirlpool.

Set a Budget

Before you begin searching the web and heading to stores, take time to decide how much you can or are willing to invest in your new appliance(s). This amount might be a portion of a renovation or new home budget, or a rainy day fund if your oven suddenly breaks down. Either way, have an idea of what you can work with to help streamline your shopping experience and avoid disappointment.


It might also be worth establishing a contingency fund to account for potential additional expenses related to your appliances, such as those for a countertop. Certain appliances, like ovens or cooktops, might need specific installation conditions to function properly and safely. This could involve modifications to the existing countertop to ensure proper ventilation, electrical connections, or space requirements.

Know What You Need

Make a list of the features you want in your new appliance with must-haves and like-to-haves, keeping budget in mind. “As appliances are a long-term investment, spending more upfront on energy efficient and smart appliances tends to show savings in the long run,” says Zain Syed, Account Manager at Whirlpool Corporation. “Think washing machines that dictate water usage and refrigerators that regulate temperature controls.”

Pictured: The Honeysuckle model home at Empire Avalon in Caledonia, Ontario.


In today’s marketplace with such a large range of tech functions, design styles and energy efficient features it can be overwhelming to decide what you need. Syed says asking yourself a few questions can help:


  1. Is there a cost to install the appliance? (Gas appliances typically come at a higher premium).
  2. Will the appliance be built into the space or freestanding?
  3. What are my style or profile options? (French door fridge versus bottom freezer, front load versus top load laundry).
  4. Will I do a lot of cooking? (Those aspiring to cook more may prefer gas appliances and a larger refrigerator).


Please note: Built-in appliances need to be discussed and provisions ordered at homeowners’ Pre-Construction appointment due to gas and electrical rough-in requirements. Appliance specifications must be submitted at the Interior Finishes appointment.

Consider Your Space

While the at-home chef in you would love to have a 6-burner range with a double oven, your kitchen space might not be able to accommodate. A very critical step is to measure, measure (and measure again) the space available for your appliances so you know exactly what you’re working with when it’s time to shop. Our team provides cabinet accommodations for the following appliances:


  • Built-in wall oven and/or microwave
  • Over-the-range microwave
  • Microwave shelf
  • Chimney hood fan
  • Cooktop/range top
  • Slide-in range
  • Beverage fridge

Do Your Research

Reading product reviews online and asking friends and family for recommendations will be helpful as you narrow down the brands and styles you are considering for your home. Once you’ve thought through all the details, be sure to spend time going to see the appliances in person to have the chance to open all the doors, press all the buttons and speak with an appliance consultant before it comes home with you.


Be sure to visit our homeowner resource page for more helpful articles on financing, decor, buying, closing and more.


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