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Buying a home is no small feat, and from start to finish it can feel like an absolute whirlwind. When you decide to purchase a home with Empire, you’ll experience what it’s like working alongside our industry-leading team of experts, making the homebuying process as seamless as possible. 


But as many homeowners know, it isn’t over once you’ve signed on the dotted line — designing your home’s interiors is the next big undertaking. Luckily, when it comes to the design of your home, we’ve taken out the guesswork by creating six curated design packages tailored to suit your unique taste and style. When it comes to the names of our design packages, each is a subtle nod to the lifestyle and design brand we’ve created through our blog and magazine. Read on to learn more about each design package, and what our team of design experts have to say about each collection. 

Everyday Beautiful I

Everyday Beautiful I

Those who gravitate towards Everyday Beautiful I love mixing metallic hardware with bright colors and bold patterns, many of which may be inspired by your favorite works of art or your past travels. You can often be found at local markets and one-of-a-kind stores sourcing unique pieces that breathe life into your space.


Brittney Gallagher: “This style speaks to the individual who can’t get enough of bright colors and eclectic decor. We love the fun atmosphere this design style creates, allowing you to truly run wild with inspiration and creativity.”

Everyday Beautiful II

Everyday Beautiful II

For those who want to make a statement in their home with an added element of subtlety, Everyday Beautiful II is the package for you. Whether it’s an upcycled piece of furniture or vintage decor, you appreciate pieces that have a lived-in quality about them. With a minimalist approach to decorating, your home emphasizes clean lines, contrasting tones and natural materials like exposed brick and dark wood.


Courtney Collins: “For those who want to make a statement in their home with an added element of subtlety, this design package is for you. This style plays with more minimalistic aspects and contrasts them with natural patterns and textures to create an elevated feel.”

Everyday Beautiful III

Everyday Beautiful III

Combining a laid-back look with natural elements, your home is the epitome of light and airy. While you may not live by the ocean, you’re very much inspired by the lightness and warmth of coastal living. You gravitate towards whites and neutrals, with the occasional pop of soft blues or warm grey accents. Through the use of natural light, soft tones, and a clean aesthetic, your home always feels bright and fresh.


Lindsey Wooten: “This style speaks to the individual who finds peace in simplified and elevated design. Create a calm atmosphere in your home with this design package, and replicate that breezy coastal feel you desire.”

Everyday Beautiful IV

Everyday Beautiful IV<br />
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Everyday Beautiful IV speaks to the individual looking to infuse a little glitz and glam into their home. Sleek and bold, you like to make a statement with luxe materials and cutting-edge finishes. You aren’t afraid of high contrast within your home and opt for matte black finishes as often as crisp quartz or marble. You have an eye for the finer things in life and it shows in your space. From rich textures to gold hardware, your home exudes elegance and warmth all at once.


Liz Combs: “This style speaks to the individual looking to infuse a little glitz and glam into their home. Revel in the luxe finishes and modern appeal that this package offers.”

Everyday Beautiful V

Everyday Beautiful V

You find comfort in spaces that are both visually appealing and functional. You pay attention to detail and approach everything you do with a sense of intention. Pops of color, geometric shapes and organic elements can be found throughout your home — creating a style that feels both timeless and fresh.


Julia Semon: “For those seeking an effortless and timeless home, this design package is for you. We love how this style melds together seemingly contrasting elements to create a cohesive feel.”

Everyday Beautiful VI

You embody that classic California laid back and casual attitude, and exude a sense of effortlessness in all that you do — including decorating your home. Natural wovens, earth tones and crisp white linens compliment your “go with the flow” sensibility. With white as your base, your idea of adding color to your space includes greenery and potted plants.


Julia Semon: “We love the effortless feel of this design package, and love how the crisp white base compliments the more natural aspects of this style. By incorporating elements of the outdoors into your home, being in this space always feels like a breath of fresh air.”

Meet the Design Team

Our Atlanta Design Team is here to take the guesswork out of designing your home’s interior, and will be by your side to answer any questions you may have throughout the entire design process.

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