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What was once a clear field is now a growing community nestled in the heart of Stoney Creek. Our Empire Lush & Victory communities have begun to welcome families, and we are happy to say homeowners in both communities are enjoying their new beginnings.

We’re excited to share our fall construction update that details all the progress we’ve made. Read on to discover how much both Lush & Victory have flourished since our last update, and don’t forget to click the link to see aerial photos of the community.

Lush Phase 3A

Excavation has begun on several blocks, while additional lots are further ahead and in the footing, foundation and framing stages of construction. Up next for our construction team is the interior finishing stage which will include the installation of HVAC, plumbing and electrical rough-ins.

Victory phase 3

In phase three, the foundations for all of our homes have been poured as we move onto framing, heating rough-ins, and electrical rough-ins.

Victory phase 5A & 5B

These phases of the community are further ahead with several of the homes and townhomes in the finishing stages of construction as they prepare for PDI and occupancy.


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