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If you’re looking to migrate to a new area of town and are wondering whether or not you should make the move, there’s really no better person to ask for advice than a local business owner. No one is going to give you a clearer picture of the neighborhood, how friendly its residents are and what makes the area so (or not so) great. To help you better understand what to expect from the West End, we sent our team to some of the area’s most popular strips. The result? Five raw interviews with five local businesses, giving you their perspective on what the West End of Charlotte is like and why they chose to call it home.

Toucan Louie’s Cafe and Roastery is three minutes away from West End Towns, but that’s not the only thing that makes it so great. This uber-popular cafe — with a long list of regular customers including the Wesley Heights Police Department — is known for its in-house roasted coffee and was named in the top 100 for Charlotte’s best places to eat by Yelp. The owner, Mark Kieffer, is a commercial real estate agent who was showing a client the property when he fell in love with the space himself. Once an old laundromat and later an abandoned car service shop, Mark knew that it would be a smart investment to buy in the area, especially with the up and coming townhomes and apartments being built. Mark wanted to be one of the first restaurants on the street and he succeeded at that back in December of 2017.

Bryan McRae began his career as a landscape designer and later decided to open his own floral shop — Botanica. Three years ago, he started a pillow-making portion of his business, acquiring fabrics from brand name designers in London and Paris. Now a 30-year-old company, Botanica is one of five places in the nation dedicated to preserving plants and flowers in their natural state. With their headquarters in Charlotte and showrooms in Texas, Atlanta and Highpoint, the business is well-known across various states. Bryan’s flowers and plant holders are purchased from all over the world, be it Educador, Italy or Spain. A four-minute drive from West End Towns, his shop has been operating in the Charlotte region for 18 years — a testament to how much he loves the area and its residents.

Known for Noble Smoke, King’s Kitchen, Roosters and The Jimmy, restaurant-owner Jim Noble’s love for barbecue and fried chicken runs deep. From practically when he was born, Jim would have Sunday night fried chicken at his Aunt Beulah’s house, who he remembers as being the perfect balance of bossy and sweet. Today, his restaurant is named after her and is inspired by her cooking, with menu offerings that were created to be made perfectly each time. Everything they make is homemade, including their hot sauce, ranch, cookies, and bossy’s signature sauce. Despite new locations coming to Winston Salem, Fort Mill and Griffith Street in Charlotte soon, this is Jim’s first location that has operated in the West End for two years. A four-minute drive away from West End Towns, Jim boasts about the culture of the area and the community as a whole. He loves that Center City Church is across the street, allowing him to give back and focus on community outreach.

The one and only Paper Skyscraper has called Charlotte home for 32 years, opening its doors for the first time back in 1989. An eight-minute drive from West End Towns, Paper Skyscraper is where locals cross paths with their friends and where newcomers are always welcome. Strategically placed, this local business is close to every popular part of Charlotte. The store is named after its historical roots — previously an architectural bookstore that eventually started selling cards and gifts. After its previous owners were looking to retire two years ago, new owner Bill Godwin — who’s native to the region — bought the establishment.

The CUT Barbershop is highly-rated and is only a five-minute drive from West End Towns. Owners Jill and John Matthews bought the establishment back in 2010 and have operated in the heart of Uptown for 11 years. While the majority of their clientele are regular customers, The CUT has travelers and hotel guests visit frequently as well. From athletes and famous celebrities to locals too, they “love the fun and entertainment of customers.”  The business’ employees are hair specialists and have been in the business for a long time, making them one of the most experienced barber shops in the neighborhood.

Interested in learning more about what it’s like to live in Charlotte’s West End? Read our all-encompassing community guide, giving you perspective on everything local. If you’re already convinced that this is the community for you, explore our selection of townhomes at West End Towns now.


Images courtesy of: The Business Journals (Hero image).


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