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Buying furniture for a new home is one of the most exciting parts of the decor process, and in the age of social sharing sites like Pinterest and Instagram, there’s no shortage of design inspiration for every room of the home. Well-designed spaces make homes more livable, but it can be hard deciding between what to save and what to splurge on to help bring your vision to life and make your home function as efficiently as possible. Read on to discover what living room pieces we would save and splurge on.

Splurge On: A Sofa or Sectional

A staple furniture piece in a living room, sofas should be both comfortable and durable. The world of furniture has come a long way, with sofas now available in a variety of stylish colours and textures. Invest in a classic, high-quality piece that’ll last you years, and remember, classic doesn’t have to mean boring — sofas and sectionals can be jazzed up with colourful or patterned throw pillows. After a long week at work there’s nothing more satisfying than changing into comfortable clothes and sinking into your sofa to binge-watch Netflix. This sapphire blue velvet sofa at Oldenburg in Waxhaw, NC is especially plush and cozy.

Save On: Accent Chairs

Accent chairs, like the one seen in our Audubon model in Houston, TX, offer a great opportunity to introduce a fun or unexpected design element into your living room — just don’t break the bank for them. Compared to a sofa or sectional, accent chairs are lesser used and are easier to swap out for something new when you want to change the look and feel of your space.

Splurge On: Multi-Functional Pieces or Items

Items that serve a dual purpose or can be repurposed down the road are ones that have lasting value. A bench with built-in storage, like the one found in our Calderwood model in Thorold, ON, keeps clutter at bay and items tucked away. Another great multi-functional piece worth splurging on is a coffee table with a retractable top, which can allow you to comfortably eat dinner while watching the television.

Save On: Seasonal Items

Items that will be rotated with the season — like pillows, throws and even accent candles — are where you can save. If you get the urge to redecorate, you won’t feel any guilt throwing them out. Patterned pillows add a cheery pop of colour to our model home at Landings at NoDa in Charlotte, NC.

Splurge On: A Coffee Table

Given that the coffee table is often situated in the center of your living room, finding one that’s the right size and style for your space is important. Coffee tables endure daily use, so it’s worth the investment to ensure it can stand up to wear. While great coffee tables — including this rustic wooden showpiece found at our Venetian Pines model in Conroe, TX — can be found at a variety of price points, don’t be afraid to spend a bit more if you find one that appeals to you.

Save On: Side Tables

Unlike their coffee table counterparts, side tables demand less attention in a room, meaning you can get away with spending less on them. But like coffee tables, accent tables come in a variety of finishes, shapes and styles like the ones in the Parmer Ranch model in Georgetown, TX, so you’ll be sure to find ones that suit your budget. Pro tip: Stackable side tables are great for smaller spaces as they allow you to maximize the space you have while adding an interesting design element to a room.

Splurge On: An Area Rug

The larger the area rug, the more it’s going to cost, so it’s worth the investment to have one that’s high-quality and can stand up to tread. Rugs made of natural materials — including cotton, jute and sisal — are among the most durable. In our Industrial Ranch model at Legacy in Breslau, ON, a sisal rug defines the living space.


Above all else, your living room should be comfortable and speak to your personal tastes. No matter what you choose to save or splurge on, be sure to purchase pieces that spark joy and have pride of place in your home.

Save On: Tables and Floor Lamps

A statement lighting fixture can make or break a space, but don’t gear your budget towards table or floor lamps, which can easily be updated or replaced in time. Lighting budgets are better spent on more permanent fixtures, including overhead lighting or wall sconces. Pulley task floor lamps, like the one found at our Harlow model in Roswell, GA, are usually less than $300.

In need of more design inspiration? See where to save on bedroom furniture, and learn how to budget for your design plans.


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