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Some would say the heart of any home is the kitchen, and ideally you want the space to reflect what is most important to you. Whether you’re a bustling family of five in need of more storage, or an amateur chef looking to splurge on top-of-the-line appliances, it’s important to consider how you plan to allocate your budget. Major renovations can come with a hefty price tag, but that isn’t always the case. The bottom line is knowing when to splurge on an upgrade and when you can cut a few corners to save some extra money.

Save: Cabinetry

If it’s in the budget, custom cabinetry can totally transform any space, but if you’re trying to cut a few corners, why not look towards standard-size models? You can always choose to add different finishes or trims if a more luxurious custom look is what you’re after. 

Pictured: The Middleton model at Empire Paintbox in Atlanta, GA.

Splurge: Countertops

While less expensive materials (like laminate or wood) may give you the look you’re trying to achieve, they may not be the most durable. Countertops need to be able to withstand everyday accidents like spills and dishes knocking over, so investing in something that will last is crucial.

Pictured: The Alpine model at Empire Belle Grove in Marvin, NC.

Save: Backsplash

The extra square footage can quickly drain your budget if you’re not careful, so opt for more price-conscious options like tile or glass that can still give you a stylish and modern look.

Pictured: The Rollingwood model at Cibolo Canyons in San Antonio, TX.

Splurge: Hardware

Cabinet knobs, handles and pulls are high-touch areas in any kitchen, and having them made from top-quality materials will ensure they stand the test of time. Pieces like these are also a relatively small investment, so don’t be afraid to seek out more premium upgrades.

Pictured: The Adams model at Empire Royal Oaks Landing in Houston, TX.

Save: Lighting

While lighting is important in any space, it is especially important in the kitchen. However, having adequate lighting doesn’t need to be expensive. Stylish options can be found to accommodate any budget with very little compromise. What is most important is having the right balance of ambient and task lighting to maximize the space. 

Pictured: The Orchard model at Empire Maven in Toronto, ON.


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