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Even the most dedicated lover of all things Texas cannot deny that summer in our state is, well, hot. Triple-digit temperatures aren’t enough to wilt our desire and ability to get out and have some fun, though. In fact, you know you’re becoming a true Texan when the heat just doesn’t bother you quite as much. We’re here with some handy tips on how Texans stay cool.

Air Conditioning — Don’t Be Afraid of It

We’ve heard there are places in our great nation that don’t have air conditioning, but you won’t find that omission in Texas. We love our air conditioning and we love it running full blast. (Insider tip: Bring a lightweight sweater with you everywhere— you’re probably going to need it.)

Water Parks — There’s a Reason Why They’re So Big

We don’t just have pools in Texas — we also have huge water parks. Schlitterbahn is a favorite, offering 26 acres of water attractions in Galveston. The Schlitterbahn in New Braunfels is even bigger with more than 50 attractions spread out over 70 acres. Be sure to plan ahead; due to COVID-19, visits to the park may require a reservation.

State Parks — For an Instant Temperature Drop

Visit any state park to feel the immediate 10-degree temperature drop while under the shade of 100-year-old trees. Add in the many lakes, rivers and swimming holes found in the 80 state parks (and now open to the public again) that stretch across Texas and you have an ideal beat-the-heat summer vacation.

Shopping Malls – Be in an Air-Conditioned Splendor

A day of fun for many Texans during the summer is heading to a wonderfully air-conditioned mall. You can do a lot more than shop — many malls have cinemas, casual and fine dining, and attractions such as carousels, arcades and children’s play areas. The state’s largest mall is The Galleria in Houston with 2.4 million square feet of retail space and 400 stores. It’s big, y’all!

Just Breathe — Through Your Clothes, That Is

Cotton clothing is a staple in a Texan’s summer closet. Lightweight, it is the most breathable of fabrics. You’ll also find a lot of light-colored clothing. Plus, more and more clothing manufacturers are introducing “smart wear” that wicks away moisture and controls odors. And that makes us smile.

Timing — Know When to Go Outside

So, the grass just keeps growing and it’s begging to be mowed. Set your alarm early (but late enough that you won’t annoy the neighbors) or make it your post-dinner, pre-dessert activity. You definitely don’t want to be pushing a lawn mower when the sun is high in the sky.

There’s nothing better than enjoying a cold treat on a hot day in Texas. Explore some of the best spots to satisfy your sweet tooth that’ll also keep you cool all summer long.


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