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If you’re on Instagram, you’ve surely stumbled upon a page or two by accident, but stayed — and maybe even followed the account — because it was so tastefully styled. Whether you were ensnared by the cool photos, bold use of colour or the general aesthetic, creating an eye-catching feed doesn’t just happen — it’s a series of careful composition, colours, themes and clever editing. So if you’re wondering how to achieve a swoon-worthy social page that proudly showcases your knack for home design, look no further: we’re breaking down the tips and tricks you need to know. And with all the love and effort we pour into our homes, why shouldn’t we show them off?

Select Your Images Carefully & Consider Composition

You might be excited to show off your latest culinary creation, but your followers might not care to see it, especially if you’ve already had a few bites or took a quick snap without considering your subject matter. To really master your shot, spend a few moments styling what you want seen in the photo, remove unwanted background objects, and test multiple angles to find the most flattering one and the best lighting.

Be sure to also consider how near or far to take your photo from; stand back to capture the essence of full rooms, and get close to interesting items or accessories to create unique moments (you can also group similar objects together for a vignette). Prior to posting, be sure that the content adds value to your feed and is synonymous with the aesthetic of your page.

Choose a Theme

For a decor-inspired feed, let the colours and tones of your Instagram page mirror those found throughout your house. If your home’s palette is neutral and relaxed, let that guide the theme of your feed. And likewise, if your space is brimming with vibrant colours and quirky finds, let that too influence the direction of your page. Keeping to a consistent tone or colour theme will give your feed a distinct appeal, and make each individual image look like a piece of a larger artwork when viewed in grid mode.

Use Apps for a Boost

Instagram is all about looking good, and one of the easiest ways to ensure your feed is as cohesive and appealing as possible is to use editing apps. There are countless to choose from — including Photoshop Express, VSCO and Snapseed — with most basic features being free.

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