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There’s no denying that Sunday scaries can creep up on you after a fun-filled weekend, leaving you feeling unprepared for the week ahead. While Sunday is typically known as a day of rest, it can also be used as a day to plan, prep and get organized for the week ahead. Setting aside some time to get your affairs in order will make you feel more at ease by the time Monday rolls around. To help you get started, we’ve created a ‘Sunday Reset’ guide to keep you on track and get your week started right.


Meal Prep

Meal prepping assures that you always have healthy and delicious food on hand for breakfast, lunch or dinner. In addition to saving you time throughout the week, this can also save you money in the long run since you won’t be tempted to eat out or order in as often. Unsure of where to get started? Download the free app, “Eat This Much” to help you plan out your meals and stay on track. 

Create a Weekly Schedule

Taking the time to plan your week will make you a more productive and effective person, thus making it easier to manage the week ahead. To plan effectively, create a schedule every Sunday for the upcoming week. When you’re scheduling out your days, ensure you take time to review bigger plans and your priorities. You can use a physical planner, simple pen and paper or an app to help you stay on track.

Tidy up your Home

An organized home makes for an organized mind. Spend Sunday cleaning up and making sure everything is in order before the busy week begins. Fold the laundry, put away your dishes, and pick up any lingering items around the house before heading off to bed. Tidying up your space will instantly enhance your mood, and you’ll have one less thing lingering in the back of your mind throughout the week. 

Set Aside Some Downtime

Before heading off to bed, it’s important to take some time for yourself. Give yourself a moment to recharge before you jump into a new week. Use this time to meditate, set aside some downtime, read or journal. Try writing about how your previous week went and what you hope the upcoming week will bring.

Looking for more ways to stay organized throughout the week? Check out the best cleaning style for your personality type and the ultimate key to a tidy home.


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