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Home is where your kids’ imaginations run wild. It’s where games of hide-and-seek are played, family portraits are drawn, LEGO creations are made, forts are constructed and stories are read. It’s where your kids find their independence and their creativity is ignited. Every child deserves a place to call their own, but that doesn’t mean they need a full-blown playroom either. Carve out some space in the corner of a room, along the wall of your office or in an underutilized area of your home. Creating a cool kids’ space at home is actually a lot easier than you might think.


Take inspiration from the kids’ spaces in our model homes below, designed to encourage independence, imagination and growth.

Harlow model in Atlanta, Georgia.

For the Studious Soul

Give your kids their own designated place to complete homework, paint or draw with desks that are built into or resting against the wall. Place a round table in the middle of the room with a few seats around to encourage collaboration when family projects are underway or when board games are being played. Additional storage can be found underneath the bench where kids can read all afternoon, or along the floating shelves around the room.

Avalon model in Caledonia, Ontario.

For the Imaginative Individual

Who says the home office can’t be used as a kid’s space too? Avoid children climbing onto your own desk and chair by placing furniture in the room that’s at their height level and they can use. An easel is a great way to let their creativity flow freely, especially when it’s on display. Equip their art station paint, brushes, chalk, paper and pens and let their imaginations bloom.

Camber Woods model in Gastonia, North Carolina.

For the Extraordinary Explorer

This rec room proves that you can create mutipurpose spaces dedicated to your kids. Utilize built-in storage units to optimize open space in the room, and add a table and chairs for a designated art space. For some extra creative flair, purchase chalkboard paint to turn a basic wall into a blank canvas for your little ones to explore.

Avalon model in Caledonia, Ontario.

For the Playful Person

The living room is dedicated to rest and relaxation. It’s a place where you can unwind after a busy day, sip on a cup of tea and read your favourite novel, and your little one deserves a place like that too. Carve out a corner in the room and fill it with all the things that your child loves —a teepee that they can sit under, pillows that keep them cozy, stuffed animals that they can play with and story books that’ll keep them entertained.

Fulbrook on Fulshear Creek model in Fulshear, Texas.

For the Crafty Creator

Convert one of the rooms in your home into a multi-functional space that will keep your kids entertained and serve the additional purposes that you need. Buy or build a wall unit that can house supplies for arts and crafts, and place a large table in the centre of the room. When it’s not being used during the work day, your kids will have a place to bring their artistic creations to life.


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