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If you’re someone who loves to change their home decor on a whim, you’re probably aware of how expensive that can become over time. But what if you could turn regular items lying around your house into the cool and trendy items you see in stores without the hefty price tag? Read on for a few tips and tricks to breathe new life into pieces that were once old and worn. 

Tea Towel Pillow Shams

If you have an overflowing stack of tea towels, why not put some to use as unique pillow covers? By sewing a few seams on an old tea towel, you can update your home decor while using materials you already own. This can be done by hand if you’re a total beginner, or with a sewing machine to save some extra time.  

Rustic Bath Caddy

Whether it’s the leftovers from a past DIY project, or the remnants of old decor, you probably have a wooden plank or two lying around your home. Transform these old materials into a luxe addition to your at-home spa with a bath caddy.

Shoe Box Refresh

It seems like you can never have enough storage options, but it can start to become costly if you’re always looking for matching sets. Make them yourself with items you probably likely have lying around  — shoe boxes and newspaper. Wrap the shoe box up in newspaper to give the exterior of the boxes a vintage and aged look, allowing you to organize in style.

Lampshade Makeover

Lighting can be expensive if you’re frequently wanting to swap fixtures out to give your home a more updated look, so why not take the DIY approach to save yourself a few extra dollars? Refresh your lampshades with a variety of different techniques, from dip-dyeing to decoupage. These easy updates allow you to give your space a completely new look and feel without breaking the bank. 

Picture Frame Update

Make your precious moments pop by redesigning your old picture frames. Use materials like paint or ink to create fun designs, depending on the look and feel you’re going for. If you’re in need of some inspiration, explore HGTV’s guide on 10 unique ways you can dress up a plain white picture frame. 

Teacup Candles

If you dig into your cabinets, you’ll probably find an old tea cup or two hiding back there. They’re most often too small to drink out of but have the most beautiful and timeless designs. Give these little treasures a much-needed refresh by turning them into candles using The Craft Patch’s guide. In just a few easy steps, you’ll have a dainty and chic new candle that you place wherever you’d like. 

Once you’ve finished transforming your ordinary household items, explore a few design apps that’ll help you lay out those pieces in your home. 


Images courtesy of: Hydrangea Treehouse (Tea Towel Pillow Shams); The Norfolk Barn (Rustic Bath Caddy); Lamps Plus (Lamp Shade Refresh); Bridal Guide (Teacup Candles).


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