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Now more than ever, we want our homes to be a place that’s a true reflection of yourself: who you are, what you value and how you live. We all have a heart of our home; the room we value the most, or that we spend most of our time in. Whether it’s the kitchen for the iron chef, the home office for the future CEO or something in between, there is always a space that makes us feel most at home.


With all of the extra time spent at home lately, we challenged our homeowners to show us the heart of their Empire home. Explore a few of our favorite submissions below.

“The heart of my Empire home is my airy, cozy living room. In my living room, I convene with my family and friends and share conversation and laughter, from morning until night. Whether we pull out a game for everyone to play, swap stories with the fireplace crackling in the background or just lounge around watching the sunset together, it’s where good memories are made.”

-Carla, Houston

“We moved to our Empire home in Harper’s Preserve less than a month ago, and the place where we enjoy spending time the most is definitely the bathtub in our master bathroom. Since the bathroom was very big, we decided to incorporate a lot of wood in our design to warm it up a little, and we really enjoy the result.”

-Isidoro, Houston

“I recently moved into my Empire home in June 2020.  I love the area and I’m excited to be apart of this community. The heart of my home is the living room.  I love the spaciousness, my furniture looks great and by adding the plantation shutters the room looks beautiful and cozy.  The heart is where I spend time with my family and friends.”

-Angela, Austin

“The living room is the space in our home where we spend most of our time together – it is our absolute favorite place in our home!”

-Isabel & Randy, Austin

“The kitchen is the heart of my home today…tomorrow it may be another room! I love my kitchen because I was unsure how it would come together, but with the help of Vivian in the Design Center I was able to make choices based on what I loved!”

-Debra, Houston

Not sure what the heart of your home is? Take our interactive quiz to find out now.


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Liz, Nicole and Karla

New Home Specialists


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