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At Empire, we pride ourselves in staying in touch and keeping you informed during the homebuilding process. We know it can be hard to contain your anticipation while your home is being built. To make the waiting game a bit easier our Customer Care team will notify you every time your low-rise home reaches a major construction milestone and gets closer to closing.

You can expect to receive three milestone notification emails from your Customer Care representative during the construction process: excavation notification, frame to roof notification and prime/drywall notification.

Below, we take you through what’s happening to your home during these crucial milestones and what it means for you, the homeowner.

Your Customer Care representative will send out three milestone notification emails during the construction process: the excavation notification, frame to roof notification and prime/drywall notification. Lets go through each notification and what it means for you, the homebuyer.

      1. Excavation MilestoneThis means construction has begun on your new home! Your foundation walls will be completed and back filled in the coming weeks. The Municipality conducts a backfill inspection to ensure that the foundation weeper system, where excess groundwater is taken away from your home into the sewer, is installed in accordance to the Ontario Building Code standards.
      1. Frame to Roof Milestone:Once you receive this email, it means framing is complete and a city inspector will conduct a framing inspection. When your home passes this inspection, we will continue with construction of the exterior cladding, insulation and finishing stages. Our construction team and site superintendent will contact you to schedule your frame walk, which will take place after your home has been framed and before the drywall is installed.
      1. Prime/ Drywall Milestone: This notification means your closing day is coming up soon. This is a great time to schedule a mover and contact utility companies to set up your accounts, as well as informing your solicitor and financial institution of your upcoming closing date.

We know it can be tempting to want a sneak peek at your new home and community, but for your own safety, we strongly request that you do not visit the construction site unless you are accompanied by an Empire Communities representative. That way we can insure you do not enter any hazardous zones which are common on active construction sites. Your safety, as well as the safety of our own employees and trades on site are our biggest priority. For more information on Construction Safety click Here.

Have any questions regarding the process of your new home? Contact your Customer Care Representative at 1-866-683-5556.


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Liz, Nicole and Karla

New Home Specialists


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