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Your closing day is a big milestone in the home buying process. It’s the last step in taking ownership and typically the day that you handle paperwork and pay taxes, fees and other closing costs. The home closing date is usually predetermined based on the builders’ delivery schedule. It’s also the day when you get your keys. A lot of things have to happen on the day you close, but don’t worry; our team at Empire is here to help you every step of the way. We’ve outlined some of the key information that you will want to know when you near the closing of your home.

Get Ready

To close your home, you’ll need to do several important things, including:

  • Look into home insurance
  • Coordinate your utilities (gas, electrical, water, etc.)
  • Notify your Lender of your confirmed closing date and time
  • Attend your final walk-through
  • Pack your belongings and hire movers

When it comes to home insurance and hiring movers, it’s helpful to get a few quotes and/or recommendations from friends. Along with your Community Info Sheet, we will send you a Utility Acknowledgement Form regarding the transfer of your utilities once your home’s closing letter is sent out. This information can also be obtained from one of our sales agents or it can be accessed through our customer portal website. Your closing will take place at one of the offices of Costner Law.

Closing Day

On your closing day, you’ll need to sign papers and manage finances. Closing costs are the fees, taxes and administrative expenses you will have to pay to take ownership of your new home. Closing costs are not covered by your deposit check or by the installments that you may have made, so be sure to budget appropriately ahead of time. Remember that a valid ID is required for identification at the time of closing.

Still have more questions? View our FAQ section on our homebuyer resource page.


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