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While tourist attractions are fun to visit, it’s always nice to shake things up every once in a while and explore spots that are off the beaten path. All it takes is a little digging and you’ll be surprised at what you can find if you look hard enough. From oddity shops to gorgeous lush gardens, there’s no shortage of fun places to explore in Texas. Now’s the time to round up a few friends or family members and discover some hidden gems close to home. 


Moorhead’s Blueberry Farm 

19531 Moorhead Rd

Moorhead’s Blueberry Farm is the oldest of its kind in Texas, with over twenty varieties of blueberries for you to pick across twenty acres of land.

Lucky Land

8625 Airline Dr

Experience some of the most significant historical and cultural sites from China right in Houston.

The Hobbit Cafe

2243 Richmond Ave

A charming little nook within the suburbs of Houston, the Hobbit Cafe is sure to brighten the hearts of Tolkein fans and literary enthusiasts alike. 

National Museum of Funeral History

415 Barren Springs Dr

Learn all about the evolution of this age-old practice while exploring relics from the past.

Tongue Cut Sparrow

1424 Westheimer Rd Ste B

Have a drink or two in this upscale Japanese-inspired speakeasy, sneakily tucked beside the Anvil Houston Cocktail Bar. 

Smither Park

2441 Munger St

Experience this vibrant outdoor art gallery, where the grounds are covered in beautiful mosaic tiles from more than 300 local artists. 

The Health Museum

1515 Hermann Dr

Step inside a 10-foot wide replica of the human brain, or any other of their mega-sized displays and learn something new about how your body works. 

Buffalo Bayou Park Cistern 

105B Sabine St

This subterranean underground experience will leave you wanting more, with its fascinating mix of multimedia art installations and video projections.

San Antonio

Bracken Cave 

26101 FM 3009

For those not too easily frightened, the Bracken Cave, filled with millions of Mexican Free-Tailed bats, might just be the spot for you.

Japanese Tea Garden 

75 Hagiwara Tea Garden Dr

Spend a relaxing afternoon experiencing this garden oasis, with its winding stone paths and koi ponds. 

Buckhorn Saloon and Museum

318 E Houston St

It’s not everyday you get to visit a 131-year old saloon that used to accept wild-caught animals as payment for drinks.

Kiddie Park 

3903 N St Mary’s St

Visit America’s oldest amusement park with your little ones and transport yourself back to the early 1900s.

Vision del Futuro 

203 Fredericksburg Rd

You wont need 3D glasses to experience this mind boggling 3D mural, painted to give the illusion it’s jumping right off the walls.

McNutt Sculpture Garden

210 W Market St

Experience a sliver of the past in this wild west-themed sculpture garden. Bronze statues can be seen scattered throughout the entire space depicting iconic American figures. 


RD San Antonio

8400 North New Braunfels Avenue

You wouldn’t expect this hidden bar to live right behind the San Antonio airport, but with the right password, you can unlock this secret gem. 

World’s Largest Cowboy Boots

7400 San Pedro Ave

Nothing says “Texas” more than a Texas-sized pair of cowboy boots. Located near the entrance of North Star Mall, this giant display is known to draw large crowds so be sure to get there early to snap a few fun pictures. 


Toy Joy 

31 Progress Ave Unit 9

Awaken your inner child and explore Toy Joy’s selection of vintage and indie trinkets that are sure to liven your spirits.

Mayfield Park

3505 W 35th St

Get a taste of the tropics by visiting Mayfield Park, where peacocks and peahens roam the grounds completely free.

Curia Arcanum

5924 S Congress Ave Unit 23

Curia Arcanum is home to all things spooky and unusual, housing all of the uncommon objects in this Victorian-style oddity shop. 


Secret Beach

400 Grove Blvd

Take a trip down to this hidden spot, and while you won’t be able to swim in its waters, you can still kick back and enjoy the sea air.

The Harry Ransom Center 

300 W 21st St

Explore this treasure trove of rare books and historic art, with millions of pieces, including one of Shakespeare’s first written manuscripts, stored within its walls.

Sekrit Theater 

1145 Perry Rd

Take endless Insta-worthy photos with this ethereal abandoned greenhouse as your backdrop. Step into this lush outdoor space and feel instantly transported to a magical land — a place you’d think was plucked right out of a fairytale. 

Benny’s Room

720 W 6th St

If you can locate the hidden one-way mirror, you’ll be granted entry into this modern-era speakeasy where phones are strictly prohibited.  

Firehouse Lounge 

605 Brazos St

If you’re looking to escape the chaos of 6th Street, this hidden lounge and hostel is the perfect place to unwind. 

If you are considering taking a longer trip outside of the city, be sure to check out our list of must-see destinations.


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