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There’s no place like home for the holidays, and for family and friends visiting from out of town, there’s no place like your home for the holidays. Getting together with those we love most is one of the greatest joys that accompanies this time of year, and as hosts, we want to ensure that guests coming from far feel welcomed and cared for during their stay. Since one of the spaces they’ll be spending a lot of time in is your guest bedroom, ensuring it’s cozy and functional is sure to go a long way in making spirits bright. 

The Essentials

Make Sure it’s Comfortable

Your guest bedroom shouldn’t be where your old mattress and bed sheets go to die. Ensuring you have a decent mattress, plush pillows and soft, clean linens will go a long way in making your guests comfortable. And since most people tend to have a wide range of temperature preferences at night, be sure to store a few extra blankets of different thicknesses nearby so that they can layer as they choose.

Keep them Informed

Whether it’s a close friend coming to visit or a great aunt you haven’t seen in years, writing important information down on a nice piece of cardstock and displaying it on a nightstand is an easy way to impress your guests and make them feel right at home. This includes your WiFi password and alarm code, and neighbourhood details like the nearest gym and coffee shops so that they’re free to explore as they please.

Clear the Clutter

Very few people enjoy living out of a suitcase, and guests staying for extended periods of time will greatly appreciate being able to unpack their belongings. Since many guest bedroom closets tend to double up as storage spaces for other household items — including suitcases, holiday decorations and old clothes — be sure that there’s still an adequate amount of empty space for them to hang their clothes. Don’t forget to also clear out at least one dresser drawer for smaller items or folded clothes.

The Personal Touches

Add in a Few Festive Details

When it comes to holiday decorating, guest bedrooms are often overlooked. But mixing a few seasonal decorations into your space — no matter how big or small — are sure to put your guests in the holiday spirit. Swapping your standard decorative pillows for something more festive, hanging a wreath from a window and creating an arrangement of holiday-themed flowers are simple touches that have a big impact.

Share More than Good Times with a Book

Recently read a book you just couldn’t put down? Leave it on the nightstand — along with a few other of your favourites — for your guests to read. Not only will it give them something to do in their downtime before going to sleep, but it’s also a great topic of conversation if you find they can’t get enough of your page-turning pick either.

Prepare a Welcome Basket

It’s always polite to tell your guests to let you know if they need anything, but sometimes they may feel that they’re imposing if they ask. Make them feel welcome by preparing a small basket full of things they like or need, from their favourite snacks and drinks to a few toiletries such as extra soap and shampoo.

On the Guest List

Keep your guests eagerly anticipating their next visit with these thoughtful details that’ll make your guest room as comfortable as can be.

Have a Bench for their Belongings

Place a small bench at the foot of the bed so that your guests have somewhere other than the floor to put their bags down to unpack.

Use Blackout Drapes to Let them Sleep In

Depending on which direction your guest bedroom faces, early morning light may start creeping into the room before your visitors want to get up; use blackout drapes to block the light and let them sleep soundly.

Keep the Room Feeling Fresh with an Essential Oil Diffuser

Use an essential oil diffuser to let your guests fill the space with some of their favourite aromas — bonus points for having holiday scents on hand!

For those who feel like shaking things up, here are a few design risks we think you should take to spice up your space.


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