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While giving is often associated with the holidays, giving back to our community is something we prioritize and encourage all year long. With the help of our partners, employees, and volunteers, Empire Communities has been a proud sponsor of various charitable organizations in Atlanta that rely heavily on donations to not only survive, but thrive. Read on to learn more about our contributions to a community that gives us so much.

Giving Kitchen

Giving Kitchen provides emergency assistance to food service workers through financial support and a network of community resources. Qualifying crises for financial assistance include illness, injury, funerals, or housing disasters.


This year, we had the pleasure of sponsoring Team Hidi and The Pinky golf tournament. The Pinky is a shotgun-style golf tournament held annually at Heritage Golf Links the Friday before Thanksgiving in honor of Willy Cellucci, who lost his battle with cancer in 2013. Team Hidi is the biggest annual fundraiser in support of Giving Kitchen, raising $943,601 this year alone. This translates into 1,872 water bills, 9,436 power bills, and 6,290 gas bills — making a difference for hundreds of people.

Special Olympics

The Special Olympics provides year-round sports training and athletic competitions for Olympic-type sports for children and adults with intellectual disabilities. This provides them with continuous opportunities to develop their physical fitness, demonstrate courage, experience joy, participate in the sharing of gifts and skills, and build friendships with their families, other Special Olympics athletes, and the greater community.


This year, our team had the privilege of contributing to the Special Olympics in several ways. With our annual donation and Regional President Paul Corley’s advocacy on the Special Olympics’ board, this was a standout year. Paul also volunteered at the Summer Games, hosted two foursomes in the Bob Busse golf tournament, and was present for Georgia Milton-Sheats’ guest talk at one of our quarterly meetings who’s one of Georgia’s Olympians.

BeltLine Connectors Circle

The BeltLine Connectors Circle is a group of corporations and foundations committed to advancing the Atlanta BeltLine. Our annual donation contributes to the construction of parks and trails, engages the public through volunteerism, health and fitness programs, and special events, and empowers Atlanta BeltLine residents to connect with jobs, housing, and better health. We’re so grateful to help.

Atlanta Police Foundation

The Atlanta Police Foundation’s mission is to make Atlanta the safest large city in the country. The foundation initiates community programs designed to provide resources to underserved neighborhoods, and training to cultivate a mindset of true servanthood among the Atlanta Police Department.


In combination with our annual donation and sponsorship of the Crime Is Toast Awards Breakfast, our team volunteered at various events throughout the year including At-Promise Field Day and the Link Up Against Crime golf tournament. We also attended the 10th annual Blue Jean Ball.


We’d like to thank all the amazing partners, employees, and volunteers who have helped others in our local community. Their time and dedication is extremely appreciated and does not go unnoticed.


Remember, giving back doesn’t have to be monetary! As most people have more stuff laying around in their homes than they will ever get to use, we encourage you to make a habit of regularly auditing your closets or pantries to see what can be donated and given a new life. Check out our guide to become a master at decluttering.


Images courtesy of: Giving Kitchen (Lequisha “Q” J); Special Olympics (2022 Summer Games); Beltline Connectors Circle (Westside Trail); Atlanta Police Foundation (At-Promise Field Day).


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