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Designing a space infused with elements of modern glam might seem tricky at first, so with the help of interior designer Gayle Greenwood, we’ve created a guide to help you in your own home. Modern glam is refined, and uses pieces that elevate the room but still command your attention without being gaudy or overwhelming — think gold and brass decor, faux-fur and velvet. “I wanted this model to be very light and bright. I chose artwork that created a pretty background for the neutral furniture. The rest of the pieces are very sharp and have a beautiful, crisp look.” Says Greenwood. We’ve picked a few pieces from our newest model home at Mueller to help inspire you. 


The kitchen is every at-home chef’s safe haven, and should be functional while still reflecting your sense of style. The crisp white countertops and cabinetry give the space a sharp and clean look, which pairs well with the stainless-steel appliances and minimal decor. Not only does the all-white elements help to open up the space, it keeps the atmosphere feeling light and bright. 

Get The Look: Modern Glamimage_block-block_621fca00cacb9

Round Tray with Handles, The Gifted Man.

Morrison Fabric in Linen, Wayfair.

Living Room

The living room is where families can come together after a long day to relax and unwind, so it’s important to keep the space comfortable, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. The faux-fur pillows and gold accents give the room a luxurious feel while the gray sectional maintains a cozy atmosphere. 

Get The Look: Modern Glamimage_block-block_621fcbcccacc4

Dining Room

Eat your dinner in style when you’re in this sleek and polished dining room. The bright gold and chrome accents are a subtle nod to the sophisticated luxury aesthetic, creating visual interest without overpowering the rest of the space. 

Get The Look: Modern Glamimage_block-block_621fda09cacce

Matilda Dining Table in Onyx with Brushed Gold Legs, Deborah L. Kerbel. 


The bedroom should be a calm and inviting space that’s personal to you, allowing you to rest peacefully during the night and awake in the morning with ease. Add luxurious touches like a tufted headboard and crushed velvet pillows to elevate your space, keeping with neutral colors throughout to maintain a sense of balance. 

Get The Look: Modern Glamimage_block-block_621fdf77cacd8

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