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When they’re strategically placed, a few statement pieces can bring a homeowner’s vision to life in any room. Soft clean lines created by cool countertops and cabinetry are easily accentuated by eye-catching appliances and cookware; a colorful accent wall or patterned kitchen backsplash can help create a more personalized living space; and incorporating neutral finishes with artistic statement pieces helps complete the room’s overall vision. Below, we’ve selected household staples from our former Solstice model townhome to help inspire you. Discover the furniture pieces and accessories to recreate clean lines with pops of color in your home.


Sleek counter tops and top-of-the-line appliances are every aspiring home cook’s dream. Ample counter space with built in functional features create an ideal modern living space. People naturally gather in the kitchen, where some of the best memories are formed. For some, food is a memory and coming home to that familiar smell of home cooked meals instantly brings a sense of comfort into a room. The kitchen features a bold backsplash, colorful signature kitchen staples, and wooden decor — creating the ideal Mid-Century Modern look.

Family Room and Dining Area

If your family room and dining area have been converted into work stations like ours, we’ve curated a few featured items to help brighten up the space. Using colorful artwork and layered rugs can help differentiate both spaces and give them a more comfortable feel, while good lighting and supportive seating is important for long work days. Accent pillows are the perfect accessory to bring some life into any room and can really give the space a personalized touch.

Owner’s Retreat

Waking up in an artistic space inspires homeowners to start the day on their right foot. Accent walls are their perfect way to break up a room and showcase beautiful architectural features. By combining wooden side tables, muted lighting features and bold colorful canvas’, you can achieve this Mid-Century Modern style with ease.

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