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Summer is just around the corner and we’re practically shouting with glee. Torontonians across the city have braved yet another cold and gloomy Canadian winter, and that’s giving us all the more reason to make the most out of the warmer seasons.


As we continue our fight against the global pandemic, Torontonians are in search of things to do. While we may not be able to visit our favourite restaurants and shops, our hugely popular entertainment district or our unforgettable landmarks like the CN Tower, we can visit the city’s lush, green spaces that make Toronto equally as unforgettable. To keep your mind and body active this summer, get outdoors and take advantage of these beautiful spaces that our city has to offer. Here are some of Toronto’s best parks that you need to visit all summer long.

High Park

30-minute walk and 12-minute bike ride from Empire Eau Du Soleil


Located just outside of the heart of the city in its west end, High Park is one of Toronto’s most popular places to visit— and there’s no questioning why. Spanning 400 acres, this mammoth-sized space boasts various walking, hiking, running and biking trails, tennis courts, cherry blossom trees and gardens. As one of Toronto’s largest parks, it has its own restaurant, pond, baseball diamond, soccer field and recreational pool — but, that’s not all — it also has its own zoo. Arguably one of the best parts about the park is its proximity to the lakeshore that’s only a short 25-minute walk away. Make a day out of it and soak up the sun, watch the sunset, and if you visit at the right time, watch some Shakespeare in High Park.

Trinity Bellwoods

28-minute walk and 10-minute bike ride from Empire Maverick


If you’re a young, hip and cool millennial, you’ll fit right in at Trinity Bellwoods Park. This 14.6-hectare space on Queen Street West is home to three baseball diamonds, eight tennis and two volleyball courts, its own ice rink, wading pool and children’s playground. Unofficially, it’s known as a gathering space for twenty-something year old’s to congregate, listen to music, have a picnic, crack open a cold beverage (alcoholic, too) and watch the sunset — sounds beautiful, no? If you’re interested in experiencing Toronto’s vibrant community atmosphere and maybe meeting new people too, then this is the park for you.

Christie Pits

55-minute walk and 17-minute bike ride from Empire Midtown


Located in the central hub of Koreatown, Christie Pits is another one of Toronto’s most well-known parks. This 8.9-hectare park at Bloor Street West and Christie Pits is just as convenient to get to as it is beautiful to explore. With its own baseball diamonds, multi-sport field, basketball and volleyball courts, ice rink, splash pad and pool, Christie Pits offers a plethora of things to do. With tons of local eateries and Korean restaurants around, you’ll have plenty of options to hydrate and refuel after a long day of outdoor activity.

Riverdale Park

40-minute walk and 14-minute bike ride from Empire Quay House


If you’re looking for a spectacular view of the city skyline, look no further than Riverdale Park. This must-see 18-hectare space in the east end of the city has everything that a typical park includes, just with a very unique, scenic backdrop. Whether you enjoy lounging with friends and admiring a good ol’ view, taking cool snapshots, or sketching to your hearts content, Riverdale Park has potential to become your go-to for the summer. With two baseball diamonds, seven tennis courts, a ball hockey pad, picnic area, ice rink, pool and running track, there’s no shortage of things for you to do. Take your fitness game to new levels with its outdoor gym, walk its trails with your furry friends or sun tan in its various open fields.

Humber Bay Park

18-minute walk and 4-minute bike ride from Empire Phoenix

If you love the waterfront as much as we do, Humber Bay Park may just become your new summer oasis. This narrow park located right on Toronto’s waterfront boasts six different biking trails, an open field for picnics and play, as well as its own off-leash area for your furry companions. Travel along its paved pathways during your morning run and watch the sunrise, embark on an afternoon hike while you watch Toronto’s wildlife cool off along the shore, or just simply unwind while you set sights on Toronto’s skyline from city’s west end.


Check out one of the newest park additions to Toronto that’s coming soon.


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Photos courtesy of: Heaps Estrin (Trinity Bellwoods); Now Toronto (Humber Bay Shores); Reddit (Christie Pits Park); City of Toronto (High Park).


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